Sunday, February 22, 2009

Melbourne Meet - Update!

Hey Melbourne Girls!

Hello all! Yikes it's been busy here at Camp Brown Owl! We are only a couple of days away from our Melbourne meet! Yay! I know there are HEAPS of girls coming - but don't be daunted, this is a mixer (not a craftalong) - and we will be gentle! Then next Melbourne meet will be announced very soon - it will have limited places - and will be first in first dressed allocation. Stay tuned for that.

A few things I wanted to go over with you all:

If you can - bring some excess crafty things - we will be packing up things for the Re-Stash a Crafter arm of Handmade Help. We especially need - fabric pieces, little SCISSORS, needles and cotton, nice yarn (scraps are fine!), zip-lock bags. Could you comment below if you will be able to bring any of these?

I need : someone to print out the crafty Handmade Help tags to go into the bags - please let me know in the comments if you could do this on Monday or Tuesday and bring them along - we are planning to make about 100 packs up - so it will be maybe 50 pages maximum to print (maybe less!)

You will also receive your membership tag on the night - and interstate and international girls will either have their memberships now - or be receiving them next week - phew!

If you are going to arrive early for dinner - perhaps comment here - I think there are 3 or 4 girls making that plan - sounds like a great plan! If you arrive later - walk through the main bar/eating area and hang a right turn at the end - ahead of you is the back room - we'll be in there!

We will have name tags on the night - and prefects will be mingling and chatting and introducing all night - so don't be shy. If you are terrified come up and hang onto my skirt for the night - I don't mind!

We will have a 'Restash' packing station and a 'Membership' station (also known as trestles!). When you arrive - check in and let us know who you are - then go get your membership stuff - grab a drink or coffee from the bar - and then you can mingle or help to pack.

Gemma will be there too - selling raffle tickets - so look out for her Art Fights Fire stand!

Okay - that's all for now - don't be scared - it's going to be great!

xx Pip

PS - The Brisbane Girls met today! I wonder how they went!!!!?


Anon said...

Hey - I'm still keen to meet up for dinner if anyone else is???

Marijke F-M

Cindy said...

I am bringing some fabric and needles and my old sewing machine. I will see if I can cotton too. The fabric I have is more for clothes making, hope that is ok.

sivonne said...

Hi Pip

I have a printer and a guillotine if you still need someone to print labels tomorrow?

Sivonne x

Anonymous said...

I am really upset now because I can't make it to the Brown Owls Mixer, anyway I hope everyone has a brilliant night and I will hopefully get a chance to go to the next meet.

Kelly Z

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Hi Pip

Will you be posting out the membership stuff to people who can't make it to the meeting tonight?


meetmeatmikes said...

I most certainly will!
Sorry we will miss you tonight!

Leah said...

Hi, Im bring a box full of yarn and needels also a sewing box full of goodies! See you there, cant wait!

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Yes, I'm going to miss being there. Looking forward to getting along sometime soon though.