Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Update and...

Okay, everyone! Much excitement about Brown Owls this year!!!! I just want to clarify a few things before I announce the Melbourne meet details!

  • as previously mentioned, the membership packs will be posted out in the next week - they have been delayed due to LOTS of paypal transactions in husbands and brothers' names - as well as lots of incorrect addresses and other complications. As promised though, the packs will be mailed in early February (so I think we are actually on schedule!)
  • Brown Owls meetings are open to members only - if you would like to attend and are not a member then you should email me and I'll put you on the waiting list
  • if you have a Paypal receipt for your membership, then you are a member!
  • the Brown Owls store will tell you what memberships are still available
  • to rsvp for an event, please RSVP on this blog - with your first name and the initial of your surname - blogger IDs won't always let us know who you are!
  • the State prefects will have a list of all the State members and those who has RSVPd for attendance at each Brown Owls meet
  • numbers have been limited interstate due to the fact that all Prefects are volunteering their time and love - and we don't want to overload them!
Are there any other questions (apart from when the Melbourne meet is?!)...? Let me know here so I can be sure to inform everyone in the comments of this very post! I'm looking forward to a great year!

xx pip


Bexy said...

How exciting, my very first Brown Owl meeting!
I was wondering, will the meeting night change each time? I am fine to come to the mixer, but then I have classes on Tuesday nights for the rest of the semester :-(

meetmeatmikes said...

The meeting will change betwixt Monday and Tuesday nights - and I'm planning some Sunday afternoon events too!