Monday, November 10, 2008

Welcome Owls!

Hi Owls!

This is the Brown Owl's Members Blog! Hurrah! It's a multi-author blog for our crafty peeps! In the coming weeks we'll be choosing a few members to be in charge of posting stuff over here.

If you have something to post - you can email your ideas/text to one of the Brown Owl's Prefects (who will be listed in the side-bar) - and they'll happily upload your news or photos or whatever you like for you!

We'll be making sure that our interstate members get a BIG look in over here - as well as our internationals. Because Brown Owls is for crafty people everywhere! And we all want to know about you and what you're doing, right?!

I'll be introducing you to our Brown Owl's Prefects over the next month or two on the Brown Owls Blog

xx Pip