Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Welcome to the world baby Poppy!

With much patient waiting Melissa delivered Adelaide Brown Owl's first owlet.....
Poppy Margaret Williams

@ 4:10am

What a cutie, and what a beautiful name.
We all cannot wait to meet her in January Melissa!
x hugs x
Cathy, Cherry & Tracey

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Introducing Brown Owls Finland

Hi everyone! The Finnish Brown Owls are a very faraway, very small chapter of Brown Owls. Actually it is just me so far. I'm Ulla, and I have been a Faraway member since 2008. That is when I made my uniform:

I have been learning new skills through the links provided by Pip, like crocheting potholders


and lots of Granny Squares in May and during the months of our summer.


The biggest project of Finnish Brown Owls was a challenge to make quilts, blankets and sheets for orphanages in Tanzania. This challenge was organized by the church, and they ended up with 177 quilts or blankets, 441 sheets and 24 pillow cases. This was my contribution:


plus this one:

Three quilts, two granny blankets (plus knitted squares for one!), and eight sheets. I called this my "local" community project, and I hope to find more suitable charity projects for next year. It would also be fun to find more members for this chapter, from Finland or from Scandinavia or even from Europe. We wouldn't have to be able to physically meet; I have enjoyed my virtual membership in Brown Owls and made it more real through the things I have made. Making Softies for Mirabel, a quilt top for the Bushfire quilts project, or restashing crafters in Victoria were also more Brown Owl than just me.  - I promise to make it shorter next time!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Brown Owls 2010


Hi! I just wanted to check in and let you know about Brown Owls for next year - and thank you all for your input and participation and enthusiasm and crafty hard work. Brown Owls is all about you guys - and you all helped spread a really awesome Craft Is Good message this year!

Next year, Brown Owls will be more widespread and more inclusive. Where ever you may be in the world, you can start your own local chapter. Maybe your chapter has 4 members... or 40! Some cities will have a few chapters. Others will only have one.

You just need to adhere to the Brown Owls Code Of Conduct... and complete an application to register your chapter. Your appointed leader or leaders can write on this blog to post meeting updates and project ideas. And you can manage your own members (including membership fees and membership packs if you choose to have them) and meetings in the way that suits you. You might even have your own satellite blog or google group. Up to you!

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. Existing chapters will run as is, in the way they choose (if they choose to!) next year!

MELBOURNE people - the big chapter will not run in the same way next year. You are free to start your own Brown Owls in your suburb -to keep it convenient for you - and ensure that you get what YOU want to get from Brown Owls. And if you want to cross town and join a non-local chapter, of course you can!

Thank you so much to everyone for supporting our Owly efforts - mucho looking forward to the THIRD YEAR of Owling in 2010. All chapters will be linked to on this blog in the sidebar - by state or country - so you can see if you want to join a nearby group or start your own!

So have a think and see if you want to be a Brown Owls leader in your neck of the woods. Or hang tight and wait a month or two-and see where the chapters are forming, before you decide! Applications will be ongoing - there is no deadline or cut off date.

xx Pip

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mitcham Owls - Teacup Pin Cushions and Christmas Cheer

Mitcham Brown Owls final meeting for 2009

Come and join us at our next meeting - we're making darling teacup pin cushions and celebrating the Christmas Season!

When: Dec 12th 1:30pm til 4pm
Where: Gallery One, 1 Torrens Street Mitcham
Cost: $4 per person

Materials List to bring:
  • Tea cup and saucer (or other chinaware to make into a pin cushion)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing needle
  • Own fabric and embroidery thread (if preferred)
We will supply a variety of fabrics, vintage ric rac, some embroidery threads, as well as the necessities. The charge will be $3 for materials.

We are also having Christmas drinks so feel free to bring food or drinks.

To RSVP add a comment to the post! We look forward to seeing you there!

Lianne & Julie

ps - don't forget Christmas dinner on the 9th - Check here for details and to RSVP

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Canberra:: 'Tis the Season!

Photo from here. Tutorial over at Sadie and Lance!

Hohoho Canberra Brown Owls - it's time for our last meet of the year! Because everyone suffers a bit from the seasonal craziness this time of year, we're keeping it simple.

Sunday December 13th, 2 - 4 pm (not the 15th!!)
Tilley's Divine Cafe, Lyneham

BYO craft - but keep it small-ish please! We'll book a table of course, but it can get a bit squeezy. So maybe no hand-pieced quilts, hmmmm? (yes, Im looking at you Michelle L!!) And of course Tilley's has lots of yummy snacks and drinks available.

If you'd like to get into the Christmas spirit, bring along a Secrst Santa pressie of crafty notions up to $10 value. Adding a little something handmade would be extra lovely, don't you think? It's totally optional of course - but if you put a pressie in the basket, you can take another one out!

Please rsvp as usual so we can book a table with enough room for all the Owls.

See you there!

George xo