Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Melbourne Meet - Monday 1st June - BYO Craft OR Embroidery

Would you like to come to Brown Owls on Monday night?! You can bring your own craft, or I can provide a bit of stitching for you to have a go at!


RSVP :: RIGHT HERE on this post in the comments. But not yet! Any time after 8.30pm TOMORROW night (Thursday). This gives everyone a chance to be alerted to the meeting. Please DO come if you haven't popped in yet! I'm going to bring a DVD to gaze at whilst we stitch!

We can seat 25 so the first 25 RSVPs are in.
  • Let me know in the comments if you will bring something to eat -
  • and let me know if you would like me to bring some embroidery for you to do (rather then bringing your own project). If you don't tell me, I won't bring - so be sure to let me know.
  • We can also drink wine, if you'd like to bring some to share, just so that you know. There will be tea and coffee on offer as usual, though.

Where :: Fitzroy Learning Network (in the big BACK room) -The NEW entry point to this room is at the back of the centre - The door is at 3 Wood Street, Fitzroy - It's that little dead end street where the pinpoint is below. As you can see, its off MOOR Street. Don't come to the front door on Napier Street - come to the back door on WOOD STREET
Time :: 7pm until 9.15pm (we'll start to pack/wash-up at 9pm)
Date :: Monday 1st June
Bring :: Your craft project and $2 for tea/coffee - bring $4 if you'd rather do embroidery

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Help Needed!

Does anyone know how to set up a kind of wiki type editable document - so we can create a big list of everyone's blogs and perhaps other relevant info too? It would need to be password protected for member only access - and it would need to be able to be edited by everyone.

That way we can perhaps organise ourselves and list whatever details we might like to reveal to other members. For instance our website, email address, suburb where we live, interests etc!

Who has some thoughts on this? I don't know how to do it!


Felt Badges - Melbourne - Last Night!

We had a lovely time last night at Brown Owls! Andrea brought along a cheese platter and I made a cake! Mucho stitching went on and lots of chatting too! For those of you who wanted to know - the cake was based on this one. But I added lime juice, lime rind and cherries instead of lemon and raspberries. I would recommend DOUBLING this recipe for a 9" tin as it was rather a low cake (although light!) - or alternatively use a smaller tin like a 6" or 7"! Next week we'll be stitching along and doing BYO craft. Details here tomorrow.

xx Pip

Where To Learn Letterpress Printing in Melbourne

Letterpress workshops at Idlewild Press
via Girlprinter

Learn how to set and print metal type on both a cylinder proof press and a hand-fed platen press. We'll cover the minutiae of handsetting, locking up and makeready. You'll leave knowing how to recognise a tight tympan, how to check roller height and all about the finer points of good inking. You'll learn how to feed the press, maintain ink levels, avoid offset and maintain registration. You'll learn how to make a good impression.

June 13 & 14, 2009

August 22 & 23, 2009
October 24 & 25, 2009

Time: 10am – 5pm.

Location: Sixth floor, Room 10
Nicholas Building
37 Swanston Street
Melbourne 3000.

Instructor: Carolyn Fraser. Press maven since 1996. Shipped a 20-foot container of equipment from the US in 2005 before settling in the Nicholas Building, breaking the freight elevator in the process. Her books are collected by national and international institutions including the State Library of Victoria and the New York Public Library. She has taught letterpress and bookmaking at the San Francisco Center for the Book, the Cleveland Institute of Art and Monash University.

Cost: $400. Includes all materials.

Maximum four students per workshop.

Idlewild Press
in the Nicholas Building
0401 409 325

Sunday, May 24, 2009

EDITED - See below Brown Owls Perth Meet : May Meet.

Tweet tweet... Twittering Owl here reporting. Here are the details for Perth's Brown Owl Meeting for the month of May (and yes that is my wonky first attempt in crocheting a granny square. I can crochet better now. :*) )

EDIT - One of our members has kindly offered to run a silkscreening session this time. There's also a time change to 1pm to give enough time for drying. Please complete the form below if you're attending. If you've already commented I'll email you her details

Date: 30th May 2009

Time: 1-4pm

Venue: Fill out form below to have the address location emailed to you.

Theme: SCREEN PRINTING. BYO something to print onto and another craft to fill in the gaps. Kylie has inks and screens.

Cost: $5 bucks to cover some of Kylie's costs. Also if you're a baker type, bake something and bring it along to share.

filling out the form below. If you've already commented I'll try emailing you, if you haven't heard from me, fill out the form.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Twittering Owl.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

May Canberra meet - pincushions!!!

Today was a busy crafty day in the Capital, with the opening of the Craft ACT shop, and the Handmade Markets too (in fact, one of our very clever Owls spent the day looking after her own stall!!). And this afternoon Canberra's parliament of Brown Owls (and a couple of owlets too!) got together for some pincushion stitching.

We had gorgeous spotty toadstools,

teeny tiny strawberries,
(you know, that picture just insists on uploading sideways like that!)

and itty bitty bottlecap pincushions.

Handstitched hedgies

and machine pieced Kootoyoo patchworky pincushions.

And, of course, lots of tasty goodies for afternoon tea!

Thanks to everyone who could make it this time - we'll have details for you about the June meeting really soon!

Click the links for some free patterns & tutorials =) There are even more here =)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Brown Owls Adelaide – Update

We’ve made some great progress in planning our first meeting and have decided it’s time to tentatively announce the details to you all. It's a tentative because we are still waiting on final approval for the room. When we have final approval I’ll post again and ask for RSVP’s.

Where: North Adelaide Community Centre, 176 Tynte St, North Adelaide

Date: Wednesday the 10th of June 2009

Time: 7:00-9:30pm (2.5 hours)

For our first meeting we are inviting you to bring along your current craft projects (sewn, knitted, crocheted, embroidered, stuffed, quilted etc) to share with others. Don’t be alarmed if you haven’t got a current project, for 'show-and-tell', just come along and be inspired!

We will provide tea, sugar, milk and biscuits. If you would like to bring along supper to share with the group please do!

The cost of the evening is $4.00 per person to be paid on the night (this cost covers us for the room hire, tea, sugar, milk and bikkies)

From this meeting we will be able to gauge the group’s interest in crafts you would like to try your hand at.

So pencil in the 10th June and we’ll see you there!

Cherry, Cathy & Tracey

Brown Owls Disco-Dancing Badge...?

Thanks to lovely Brown Owl Nicole who sent this in!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

RSVP Details - Melbourne Meet - Monday 25th May - 7pm - Felt Brooch Making!

RSVPs open at 7pm TOMORROW night - that's FRIDAY night!
RSVP right here on this post! It's easy!

Please RSVP with your name and initial (eg Pip L!) and also if you'd prefer to BYO craft, let me know in the comment and I won't purchase supplies for you! You are most welcome to come and do your own thing! You don't have to make a felt brooch if you'd rather come and do your knitting!


25 members may RSVP - first in best dressed - please comment ONLY once (any other queries email me direct!) - please only RSVP for one person on your comment to keep it fair!

The meeting is on MONDAY:

It's at the Fitzroy Learning Network
198 Napier Street

Fitzroy (behind the Fitzroy Town Hall/Library)

THIS Monday 25th May
7pm - 9pm


We'll be making Felt Brooches!

I'll provide the brooch backs, needle and thread, scissors, pins and felt!
You need to bring $5 to cover these costs, if you please.
I'm going to make a cake for us to share - if you'd like to make something, then comment here!

Thanks to the Fitzroy Learning Network for letting us use their venue!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tea Cosy Please

I have a new red teapot - Yeah!
The next step is a crocheted tea cosy - but I'm struggling to find a pattern. Are there any owls out there that have a pattern they can share with me?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sydney Brown Owls - June Meeting

Our next Sydney meeting up is June 4th, 7pm til 10pm. Please RSVP here by May 28. Our workshop will be english paper piecing and we may have a gocco demo from Lisa, but this can't be confirmed yet.

The venue is:
Centre House
178 Longueville Rd
Lane Cove.

English paper piecing usually refers to hexagon quilts, but don't let that scare you off. You can do much smaller projects with hexagons like applique, pin cushions, brooches and a whole lot more.

Venue Details:
Centre House, Lane Cove
. It is an old brick house a few minutes walk from a bus stop.

Our meeting room is attached to the kitchen and has french doors which open onto a big deck. There are chairs and big tables, and we will be able to take tables and chairs out on the deck also.

View Larger Map

There is a small venue hire for the centre, but this allows us to chat louder than we do at the bookstore. The cost will be split between attendees, at a maximum, it will be $5, but likely less.

Craft Materials
If you'd like to join in on paper piecing, please bring along the following:
- fabric scraps bigger than 2.5" x 3" in any colour or print
- scissors (a rotary cutter and small mat is tops too, but not essential)
- needles
- coordinating thread
- a spool of very bright dayglo thread will help (we'll share if you have none)

Feel free to BYO Craft!

Please bring a cup along as well for tea or coffee, and let us know if you'll be bringing snacks.

Brown Owls Mongolia - one cat wanted.

Learning how to spin wool was harder than we all expected, but our friends at the Woolcraft NGO and our Little Brown Owl helper got us through.

Read more here, and check out the photos here!

Brisbane's Biggest Meet

A record 22 Owls came together yesterday in Brisbane for the second round of granny square lessons. Without Em, the granny master, I attempted to give guidance to the newbies (remember, I was at the remedial end of the table last time...)

Thankfully Sam jumped in to give me a hand and had some of the girls starting dish cloths which was much easier than the granny.

Obviously Sandra didn't need help with grannies, she's making an uber chic granny bag for her daughter in LA. Can't wait to see the finished product!

Bel made us all cute little owly name badges, we drank Fair Trade coffee for the Fair Trade Awareness Campaign and received our usual sugar high. The cupcakes have a bubblegum ball on the top!

And here's Miranda, the cupcake princess (I'm crowning her princess as we already have a cupcake queen).

And it was Abbey's birthday! Hope you enjoyed the crafty start to your day Abbey.

The next meeting is on Sunday 21 June at 10am.
We're putting together a blog list of Brisbane Brown Owls so we can all get to know each other online too. If we don't have your blog link already leave a comment and we'll add it to the list which will be posted later in the week.

Don't give up on the granny, for a copy of the second lot of instructions we used pop over to Kirsty's How to make a granny square necklace.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

give me a home among the gum trees...

Q: hey kim, i'm a mega hippy and i want to get out of the city this saturday... where should i go?*

A: well, ok. i will tell you, because you are a brown owl and that makes you fairly rad. you should definitely head to the st. andrews community market (

*question may have been fabricated for the purposes of this blog post.

north east of melbourne, it's on every saturday from early morning till mid afternoon. it looks like this...
boasting a bush setting and hippy vibes, this beautiful market has all the markety goodness you could wish for... second hand books, plants, body products, winter woolies, guitarists serenading, massage, fresh vegies, eggs, jewellery and oodles more.

oh, and there's heaps of tasty food on offer. check out my lunch from the vege curry man:
make sure you visit the chai tent at the top of the hill too...

don't want your break from the big smoke to end just yet? pop into some oppys and antique stores on the way home, like this one in hurstbridge:
peace out soul sisters,

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Reminder and RSVPs : Crochet on Monday Night in Melbourne

Crochet is on Monday at the Carlton Library in North Carlton - REQUISITE list and some things to study up on, plus event address and time etc are over here. It would be SO helpful if you did go over the links to get yourself familiar with a few basics - we have 3 teachers and 2 hours, but the time flies and if you work out how to hold your yarn and play around with basic chain stitch you will be streaks ahead!

People that received emails from me offering a place at the Monday night meet (because they were on the waiting list!) YOU ARE IN!

The following people who were the first NINE to RSVP on this post are also in - (please note that EMAILed RSVPs can't be included!!! Other members need to see where they fit in to the order of RSVPs and if people are emailing their RSVPs through there is no transparency and it doesn't seem fair! This counts for texted RSVPs and phone RSVPs too! Please RSVP in the comments only, lovely people!)

Anna C, Claire R, Kirsty M, Lara K, Amanda K-P, Kate H, Leah D, Bek S, Sophie De G - all IN!

Also, from now on, you can only RSVP for yourself - so no multiple RSVPing!

xx Pip

Friday, May 15, 2009

Brown Owls Adelaide

Yes that’s right we are establishing the first Brown Owls group in Adelaide!

Stay tuned for meeting details. We’re in the process of finalising a venue and date.

Can’t wait to meet you all and see all the creative goodness that is Adelaide Brown Owls.

Cherry x

Reminder: Sydney Brown Owls Market Meet Up, THIS WEEKEND!

Just a reminder that this weekend is the Market Meet Up for Sydney Brown Owls.

Image from here.

Carriageworks, 245 Wilson St, Eveleigh

Friday May 15: meeting at Badskirt stand - 7:00PM
Saturday May 16: meeting at Shelbyville stand - 2:00PM

Hopefully we'll see lots of owls there this weekend, the more the merrier!

*Edit 3:11PM: Sorry, I originally posted 7:00PM for tomorrow, but it IS 2:00PM. Early morning brain!*

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Canberra Brown Owls - Next Meeting 23 May

The next Canberra Brown Owls meet is Saturday 23rd May and this month we're all about the pincushion.

We've emailed members a selection of some of the millions of tutes on the net - including the wonderful Kootoyoo's hand-sewn pincushion tute in the sidebar over there...

Photo from kootooyoo

You'll need your own fabric or felt, and some needles and ribbons or notions. You'd be best off choosing something hand sewn, although we'll have a sewing machine there for some basic seams. We'll also have an iron and ironing board.

The meeting is on Saturday 23rd May - 2 pm to 4.30 pm, at the Downer Community Centre (enter from Frencham St, Downer). To cover the cost of the hall, we are asking for a $6 contribution.

As with last month, here's what to do:
  • Comment on the blog post to let us know you are coming
  • Bring a plate of teatime goodies to share if you would like to
  • Bring your supplies for stitching
  • Bring change for your tea and coffee
  • Bring your brooch from last month for show and tell!
Your kids are welcome of course! Bring some stuff for them to do, though. There is plenty of space for their crafting or activities, and a little area for running around outside.

The June meeting will be Saturday 27th June. After that we will back to Sunday meets.

Can't wait to see you!

Screech (Naomi D)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Last Night's Melbourne Meet!


Thanks everybody who came!
Thanks to the Fitzroy Learning Network for hosting our meeting!
We had a lovely time and totally demolished the Babka Tarte Tatin!

xx Pip


About The Fitzroy Learning Network ::
From their website...We place a priority on assisting people in the community who lack opportunities to access learning, working in ways which build links between them and other members of the community. In particular we assist:
  • Non-English speaking migrants, refugees, temporary protection visa holders and asylum seekers and any other people who want or need to learn English and acquire basic literacy skills in English
  • People who are isolated and haven't the skills or opportunities to participate in social networks; older people; the unemployed; people on low-incomes
  • Students at risk of dropping out of school too early
  • People lacking opportunities to access new technology
  • People who need to develop new skills
You can volunteer to help with their excellent and valuable programs - induction is in JUNE - details as follows:

  • English as a Second Language Class Mentors : In class student support : No training required
  • Computer Clubhouse Mentors
  • Assistance in the afternoons from 3.30-6.30pm mentoring a group of local kids from 8-18 years. : Good computer skills and a desire to work with kids
  • Computer Class Mentors : In class student support : Good Software skills Microsoft Word, Internet and email
  • Sewing Class Mentors : In class student support : Help ESL student learn to sew
  • Community Networker : Home tutoring and social support : Seven weeks compulsory training
  • Study Support : Provide one on one tutoring to young her studying Years 11 & 12- particularly science subjects. Or for those undertaking tertiary studies who need study skills- often essay writing. Ideally suits those working or studying at university.
  • Saturday Mornings : Driving Instruction : Help a student obtain their drivers license by assisting them with driving instruction. You will be overseen by a qualified instructor and the car will be provided
  • Network Support : One off tasks or projects, admin duties : Assisting the Network on specific days
  • Social Events
  • Catering
  • Community Lunches
  • Parties and Excursions
  • Over 55's Social Group
  • Skills Bank
  • If you have a particular skill or Profession you may like to offer consultation, information etc.
  • Marketing and Fundraising
  • Become a member of the marketing and fundraising community or committee and provide assistance with organising and planning a variety of projects.
  • Event Planning
  • Help us plan and organise events from advocacy to fundraising that run through the year.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Melbourne - Camberwell Market Meet - THIS coming Sunday 17th May

image via Gemma Jones


Interested owls will be meeting at the Camberwell Market again this Sunday at 8.30 (am - NOT pm - thanks AMY!) You can see some pics from the last meet here - gee it was SO cold! Do bring a coat and scarf if you are coming! Also, bring a market bag to stow any purchases in - there is a lovely lady who sells buttons and a lovely man who sells Yarn!

We'll be meeting outside the Pet Shop - which is in the carpark where the market is held! It's in the Safeway and Target carpark behind Burke Road (on Station Street) in Camberwell. You can get there via tram or train.

We'll have a coffee and a snack together at the Carpark Cafe - until around 9am and then a bit of a group ramble. After that we split up and do solo shopping!

Let us know if you'll be coming!

xx Pip

PS - you might like to make a Crafty Day of it by having lunch here and then going to this!

Melbourne - Monday 18th May - Learn To Granny Square - Crochet Meet

People that received emails (because they were on the waiting list!) YOU ARE IN!
The following people who RSVPd on this post are also in - (please note that EMAILed RSVPs can't be included!!! Other members need to see where they fit in to the order of RSVPs and if people are emailing their RSVPs through there is no transparency and it doesn't seem fair!)

Anna C, Claire R, Kirsty M, Lara K, Amanda K-P, Kate H, Leah D, Bek S, Sophie De G

Also, from now on, you can only RSVP for yourself - so no multiple RSVPing!

RSVP from WEDNESDAY NIGHT only after 8.30pm. RSVPs before then will not be included. You should RSVP right here in the comments of this post. As we had people on the waiting list after the last night, there are only 9 places available for this meet. That means the first 9 to RSVP are in. If I have emailed you already about your spot on the waiting list, no need to rsvp here.

It's at :
Carlton Library - North Carlton
Bring -
a crochet hook - 5mm would be good - METAL only!
some 8ply yarn that you like - in a couple of colours at least!
your patience!

If you want to get moving sooner:
I've put the instructions up online too - they are over here. Print and hook, peeps. Don't forget to check Youtube for left-handed tutorials, lefties. And please send me photos of your granny squares too - however wonky!

More about the library:
Carlton Library 667 Rathdowne St, North Carlton Vic 3054
Fax: (03) 9347 0733
Melways Reference: 2B J2
Car: On street parking (unrestricted in Newry St)
Tram: 1 (East Coburg) and 8 (Moreland) from City Direction
Bus: 250, 251 and 253
Train: none

Monday, May 11, 2009

Brown Owls Mongolia: What's your craft?

Mongolia's Brown Owls mixed it up for our crafty afternoon: knitting, crochet, jewellery, felt badges and feeling the post-communist vibes with a pair of Lenin earrings too. Oh, and lots of tea.

Check out the photos here!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

bathing in the sweet autumn flow

here's what i saw on my way to the train station on saturday:here's what i saw when i picked up fellow brown owl aisha at the state library:

here's what i saw in my bowl of dumpling soup (i probably find spelling mistakes funnier than they really are.):

here's what aisha made me and surprised me with, and what i got very excited about (i welcome name suggestions as i couldn't come up with anything worthy of her cuteness):

here's what we saw walking down swanston st... actually there was a huge procession of them (i've since learned that it's called the melbourne zombie shuffle), this was my favourite due to her craft related death: 

here's the crafty places we went to next, where i didn't take photos because i thought it would be a tad impolite:

-craft hatch incubator craft market @ city library, 253 flinders lane ( the teeniest market i've seen yet, with about 10 stalls- however every stall is of a high quality and very different from the one beside it! the next one is on saturday 13th june.

-craft victoria, 31 flinders lane ( there was a fair amount of whining and 'are we there yet?'s on my behalf walking there, secondary to poor footwear decision. note to self: spotty gumboots are incredibly gorgeous, however not designed for long distance expeditions.
i have to say i was a little confused by the current exhibition, i'm not sure i would call it craft myself... maybe art? abstract art. made from bits of stuff. yeah. this stage aisha headed home for a nap before her glamorous night at the opera, and i pressed on to fed square for some arty indulgence.

-top arts exhibition @ the ian potter centre: ngv (
if you appreciate art at all, please please go and see this display of the best VCE artwork from 2008. it's hard to believe that art of this quality is produced by students, you will be absolutely blown away. plus it's free. i noticed a recurrent theme of environmental concern amongst the works, it warmed my lil' heart to be reminded that the youngens give a damn about the world. or at least the arty kids do.

i also stumbled across this little gem:
-federation square book market @ the atrium. (
every saturday, over 5000 new and pre-loved books. just try and stop yourself smelling the really old ones.

until my next adventure,

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mongolian Brown Owls

... are crafting it up today!
If you are in Ulaanbaatar, come join us!
2pm - tel: 999 50124

Friday, May 8, 2009

Brisbane, it's time to RSVP!

Brisbane Brown Owls RSVP HERE

Date: Sunday 17 May

Time: 9:30am - 12:30pm
We're starting earlier for the peeps who are hoping to make it to the BrisStyle meet too.

Venue: Same as the last meeting. Recreation Room in Building 7 of Roma Street Parklands Apartments, Parkland Blvd, Brisbane. The Rec Room is on the ground floor of building 7. Building 7 is the end apartment block furthest away from the City. There is plenty of parking at the Parklands or if coming by public transport catch the train/bus to Roma Street and take the Parklands exit at the back of the station.

Craft-Along-Project: Granny Squares - Em can't make it to the meeting but we do have her instructions and there will be a few of us who know how to granny now that can help those who missed out last time. For info about what to bring if you are learning to granny check out this post

Or if this doesn't interest you Bring Your Own craft and craft along with us!

If you need access to a sewing machine please let us know in the comments section.

Tea and coffee provided.

Feel free to show off your baking skills by bringing a plate for morning tea :)

Please RSVP by leaving a comment on this post by Thursday 14 May.

Look forward to meeting the new Brown Owls!!!

See you then!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Melbourne - Last Night's Brown Owls

image source

Last night the Brown Owls met at the Fitzroy Library meeting room. Lucy, author of The Design Files and Angela, curator of Three Buttons spoke to our Owls about the many facets of blogging, balancing a creative life with a (sometimes creative) day job, favourite blogs, motivation, magazines, copying, inspiration, lurkers, photography, criticism, comments, layout and lots more.

It was really, really great to have a forum to talk about such bloggy stuff with people that 'got it'. I think this would be a great event to run in other states too - let me know if you need help rallying speakers, gals!

I taped the whole discussion on my trusty dictaphone - so I'll be writing up a proper overview later on. In the mean time - girls who came last night - be sure to pop your blog address and your view on the night in the comments section!

xx Pip

PS - Be sure to check the Sydney meeting announcement that ran before this post - it looks like a goody!

PPS - Sorry I don't have any photos - I was hosting and it's hard to take photos and lead a discussion at the same time!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sydney Brown Owls - May Market Outing

Sydney is gearing up for their first Owls Around Town meetup! We'll be venturing to the Finders Keepers markets for a bit of group shopping and inspiration. FK has a great mix of funky clothes, homewares, jewellery and fabrics including our very own Shelbyville and Badskirt, as well as plenty more designers. Music, a cafe and a bar round things out.

The market is on two days, so we've planned two different times to accomodate everyone who had interest. Please RSVP here with the day you'll be coming, so we make sure we've got everyone before we set off wandering!

CarriageWorks, 245 Wilson St, Eveleigh
Friday 15 May, 7pm - meet at Badskirt stand
Saturday 16 May, 2pm - meet at Shelbyville stand

Maybe bring along a little extra cash. As there's no ATM on site and some vendors may not have EFTPOS available, so it's best to be prepared in case you see something nifty. Let us know if you'll be coming!

Images from The Finders Keepers Gallery

Sydney Brown Owls - May BYO Crafting

The Sydney gals held their BYO Craft-a-thon tonight at Berkelouw books. 14 gals showed up with their hooks, needles, books and good spirits. We shared, we learned, we laughed and some of us made things. Some of us just talked the whole time though and didn't get much further than a few stitches in a ring. Still, we had a great time.

For those who didn't know, our owl pack recently grew and we were uber-excited to welcome new gals to the group! For those we didn't get to meet tonight, we hope to see you at our next market outing [see next post] or at our June 3rd making meeting!

We've hatched a few new ideas for future meetings - coming soon english paper piecing (aka those hexagon flower things) and a gocco demo! We're also hoping for bookbinding and a few 'make with mom' meets that include the kids. What would you like to do, learn or teach? Shout out with your ideas!

Melbourne Meet Tonight - 2 SPOTS Available

We've had two cancellations - so the first two RSVPs here today are in for tonight's meeting at the Fitzroy Library - it's a 'Blogging and Inpiration' discussion with Angela from threebuttons and Lucy from The Design Files!

xx Pip

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Perth Owls do the Granny...

well almost. Since the Brisbane Owls did the Granny last month, Perth Owls decided to join in the fun. Thanks to Miss Craftapalooza for being so patient with some of us. She is a lefty and had to teach us righties how to crochet. It was not easy but she did it.

There are not many pictures because we were having so much fun laughing and talking that I forgot to take photos.

See that blue wonky Granny? That's mine. I am please to say that when I came home, I tried it out again and I did manage to do a Granny. Yippie.

Keep an eye out for a call for the next meeting on the 30th May 2009. We are going to learn how to Screen Print with one of the talented Owls. So stay tune.

Twittering Owl (Feli)

Melbourne Meet - Tuesday 12th May - BYO Craft - RSVP From Thursday 8.30pm

My Shippy Stitching

Hi owls!

When to RSVP :

The May 12th Melbourne meet is open to RSVPs from ::
8.30 THIS Thursday night!

(RSVPs before then will unfortunately not be included).

Here are the details of the meeting:

Meeting Date : Tuesday 12th May
Time : 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Numbers : We can fit in 25 owls!
Location : Fitzroy Learning Network, 198 Napier Street, Fitzroy (right near the Town Hall and Napier Hotel) - more about the Fitzroy Learning Network on my blog soon. They are doing great work in our community!!!!
Activity : BYO craft - I'll have some embroidery options for people who forget, though - bring your crochet if you are still stuck too... or get started on your Tea-Cosy!
Bring : $3 to cover tea, coffee and biscuits/cake

Can't wait to see you there! Don't forget to wait until Thursday to RSVP (to give everyone a chance to check this blog!)

xx Pip

Sunday, May 3, 2009

i can see clearly now the rain is gone retrospective market day show and tell.( i forgot my camera.)

stop 1: vic market

if you live in melbourne and don't get down to the vic market for groceries at least once a week, you need to reconsider your culinary priorities! i must admit that i was a little intimidated by the noise the first time i ventured in, i cowered behind my housemate as the stall holders yelled out seemingly random units of weight or money in my general direction, "ONE DOLLAR, ONE DOLLAR, ONE DOLLAR!!".

i'm braver now, i've learned a thing or two about dodging prams, wheelie carts and elbows laden with shopping bags... and my week just wouldn't be complete without a pastry from my favourite cake shop in the deli section (keep in mind this is a retrospective photo and featured cakes were in fact 3 or 4 times this size initially...)

stop 2: yarraville markets

this little market is tucked away in the masonic hall in yarraville and is a good expedition for the time poor... you can whip around the room in about twenty minutes and still manage to find loads of great stuff, especially if you have little people to embellish. the next one is on saturday 6th june.

i'm pretty darn excited about the 'urban honey co.'  from footscray, these guys have the best honey i've tasted! i picked up a jar for $5, and learned some stuff from reading the label too (check out my favourite part is that they are bee-friendly, they only extract half of the honey in the hive so that there is no need for supplementary or sugar feeding in winter. yep, i reckon they're the bee's knees. 

couldn't resist.

my other awesome find was a glasses case made from vintage fabric for $15, courtesy of 'kootoyoo' ( what a lovely warm crafty-community feeling i got when i found out that kootoyoo's creator kirsty is a brown owl too. we should all wear some kind of identifying marker at creative events! oh, and i discovered another brown owl annemarie sitting behind the 'button tree' table
we were almost a parliament...

stop 3: maribyrnong makers market

similar to the yarraville one, this half inside, half outside market is quite small however there are plenty of unique stalls. i particularly liked the buskers out the front, a group of 4 girls singing to the strumming of a ukulele. sweet. i walked away with a free energy saving lightbulb and thermometer from the info stall, and make sure you swing past there if you are a local, they have some cute badges that say things like, "paris, london, milan, seddon".

i'll have to wrap this up because i'm off to bendigo to see lior, thanks to my apparent disorganisation i missed out on tickets to the melbourne show...

ps. looking forward to seeing some of you on wednesday at the fitzroy library meet!
pps. i realise that majority of this post was about food, this can happen at times... my parents took me travelling around australia for a term when i was 9 and my 'travel journal' mostly involved reports of what we had for dinner.
ppps. check out the new leaves on my geranium, they feel like puppy's ears.