Sunday, May 3, 2009

i can see clearly now the rain is gone retrospective market day show and tell.( i forgot my camera.)

stop 1: vic market

if you live in melbourne and don't get down to the vic market for groceries at least once a week, you need to reconsider your culinary priorities! i must admit that i was a little intimidated by the noise the first time i ventured in, i cowered behind my housemate as the stall holders yelled out seemingly random units of weight or money in my general direction, "ONE DOLLAR, ONE DOLLAR, ONE DOLLAR!!".

i'm braver now, i've learned a thing or two about dodging prams, wheelie carts and elbows laden with shopping bags... and my week just wouldn't be complete without a pastry from my favourite cake shop in the deli section (keep in mind this is a retrospective photo and featured cakes were in fact 3 or 4 times this size initially...)

stop 2: yarraville markets

this little market is tucked away in the masonic hall in yarraville and is a good expedition for the time poor... you can whip around the room in about twenty minutes and still manage to find loads of great stuff, especially if you have little people to embellish. the next one is on saturday 6th june.

i'm pretty darn excited about the 'urban honey co.'  from footscray, these guys have the best honey i've tasted! i picked up a jar for $5, and learned some stuff from reading the label too (check out my favourite part is that they are bee-friendly, they only extract half of the honey in the hive so that there is no need for supplementary or sugar feeding in winter. yep, i reckon they're the bee's knees. 

couldn't resist.

my other awesome find was a glasses case made from vintage fabric for $15, courtesy of 'kootoyoo' ( what a lovely warm crafty-community feeling i got when i found out that kootoyoo's creator kirsty is a brown owl too. we should all wear some kind of identifying marker at creative events! oh, and i discovered another brown owl annemarie sitting behind the 'button tree' table
we were almost a parliament...

stop 3: maribyrnong makers market

similar to the yarraville one, this half inside, half outside market is quite small however there are plenty of unique stalls. i particularly liked the buskers out the front, a group of 4 girls singing to the strumming of a ukulele. sweet. i walked away with a free energy saving lightbulb and thermometer from the info stall, and make sure you swing past there if you are a local, they have some cute badges that say things like, "paris, london, milan, seddon".

i'll have to wrap this up because i'm off to bendigo to see lior, thanks to my apparent disorganisation i missed out on tickets to the melbourne show...

ps. looking forward to seeing some of you on wednesday at the fitzroy library meet!
pps. i realise that majority of this post was about food, this can happen at times... my parents took me travelling around australia for a term when i was 9 and my 'travel journal' mostly involved reports of what we had for dinner.
ppps. check out the new leaves on my geranium, they feel like puppy's ears.



meetmeatmikes said...

ooh I love this post!
keep up the ace owly work!

Anonymous said...

thanks for your kind words about our little market -it has a nice vibe i think ! and yes, the honey is fantastic !!