Thursday, May 7, 2009

Melbourne - Last Night's Brown Owls

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Last night the Brown Owls met at the Fitzroy Library meeting room. Lucy, author of The Design Files and Angela, curator of Three Buttons spoke to our Owls about the many facets of blogging, balancing a creative life with a (sometimes creative) day job, favourite blogs, motivation, magazines, copying, inspiration, lurkers, photography, criticism, comments, layout and lots more.

It was really, really great to have a forum to talk about such bloggy stuff with people that 'got it'. I think this would be a great event to run in other states too - let me know if you need help rallying speakers, gals!

I taped the whole discussion on my trusty dictaphone - so I'll be writing up a proper overview later on. In the mean time - girls who came last night - be sure to pop your blog address and your view on the night in the comments section!

xx Pip

PS - Be sure to check the Sydney meeting announcement that ran before this post - it looks like a goody!

PPS - Sorry I don't have any photos - I was hosting and it's hard to take photos and lead a discussion at the same time!


Princess kirstie jane said...

Thanks Pip for organising a very informative night, lots of ideas and encouragement. I am sure my blog will start to head in some new directions. I will try Google reader to make it easier to read of some of the sites suggested. How very exciting, so much more to discover.
I write at

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pip, Angela & Lucy. What a great night! It was really interesting.

I've already added a pile of new blogs to my Google Reader (oh how I looove Google Reader and the Next button)!

I'm inspired to start a blog - one day - but until then I'll continue my avid lurking and start commenting aswell!!


Off The Peg said...

Thanks heaps for last nights discussion. I left feeling motivated and inspired, but it also reaffirmed that we all struggle to find balance in our busy lives and it is so important to stick with the things that you personally enjoy doing.
I love trawling the blogosphere and seeing what everyone is up to, so from now on I am commiting myself to developing my blog into a space I can be really proud of.

My work in progress is:

Anonymous said...

Thanks again to everyone who was involved last night! I'm blogging at Our discussion really helping me to reaffirm why I blog - it's show and tell, a way of documenting what I do, a way of staying motivated, and a way of connecting.

Evie said...

Motivating night last night! Great idea for a Brown Owls meet, highly recommended for other states. It was super to meet Lucy and Angela in person (I would say Pip too but I have met you before hehe). So refreshing to see genuinely lovely, real people doing their thing, doing it well and up for a chat about it all. Lots of great advice was given. I left feeling inspired to do more and feeling ok about doing it my way too. Excited to check out Google Reader with all the positives Im hearing! Thanks so much to all involved xx

Suze said...

It was a really lovely evening. Thanks Pip, Angela and Lucy!! Also thanks to the owl who made the chocolate choc chip muffins... yum!I am a blog-less lurker (sounds terrible!) but after such an inspiring night, I am definitely going to start my own blog.

Margaret said...

Thanks for such a great talk, I am glad I dragged myself out of my sick bed to listen to it! It was interesting learning how people got started and how they stay motivated to post so regularly. My blog is still quite new and I very much see it as documenting my crafty (and business) journey.

Lucy said...

Aww thanks so much for having me Pip and all the owls! :) I really appreciate your support of my little site... and it is inspiring too to meet such a great bunch of likeminded creative ladies!

Lovely to meet you all! And Pip - love my little gift so much thankyou!

Lucy xxx

Cindy said...

It was a great night, thanks so much Pip, Angela and Lucy. I so loved hearing everyone elses take on blogging. Super fun night always helps.

MissK said...

Thanks for organising Pip and thanks to our speakers for such a great and interesting conversation,feeling inspired to start blogging again.