Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Perth Owls do the Granny...

well almost. Since the Brisbane Owls did the Granny last month, Perth Owls decided to join in the fun. Thanks to Miss Craftapalooza for being so patient with some of us. She is a lefty and had to teach us righties how to crochet. It was not easy but she did it.

There are not many pictures because we were having so much fun laughing and talking that I forgot to take photos.

See that blue wonky Granny? That's mine. I am please to say that when I came home, I tried it out again and I did manage to do a Granny. Yippie.

Keep an eye out for a call for the next meeting on the 30th May 2009. We are going to learn how to Screen Print with one of the talented Owls. So stay tune.

Twittering Owl (Feli)


Gilly said...

Oh no you're screen printing when I'm in Melbourne :( The granny squares look fabbo!

craftapalooza said...

Ha! Love it Feli, great pics, thanks for posting.

jessica said...

thanks for posting, feli!
i had a great time "learning" how to crochet with you. since saturday i have made a couple wonky potholders. totally not photo worthy but functional, so, yeah! go crochet!

Justine Barsley said...

I don't recall Miss Craftapalooza being a patient teacher. I do recall her undoing my masterpiece as she couldn't work out what I had done. hmmmmm

Kirsty said...

Hi guys, someone want to do a post for me about next months's meeting at my place??

I suggest that we start a bit earlier (say 1pm) so we have plenty of time, also suggest that everyone brings along a t-shirt or two to print on... and don't wear anything that you don't want to get ink on!