Sunday, May 10, 2009

bathing in the sweet autumn flow

here's what i saw on my way to the train station on saturday:here's what i saw when i picked up fellow brown owl aisha at the state library:

here's what i saw in my bowl of dumpling soup (i probably find spelling mistakes funnier than they really are.):

here's what aisha made me and surprised me with, and what i got very excited about (i welcome name suggestions as i couldn't come up with anything worthy of her cuteness):

here's what we saw walking down swanston st... actually there was a huge procession of them (i've since learned that it's called the melbourne zombie shuffle), this was my favourite due to her craft related death: 

here's the crafty places we went to next, where i didn't take photos because i thought it would be a tad impolite:

-craft hatch incubator craft market @ city library, 253 flinders lane ( the teeniest market i've seen yet, with about 10 stalls- however every stall is of a high quality and very different from the one beside it! the next one is on saturday 13th june.

-craft victoria, 31 flinders lane ( there was a fair amount of whining and 'are we there yet?'s on my behalf walking there, secondary to poor footwear decision. note to self: spotty gumboots are incredibly gorgeous, however not designed for long distance expeditions.
i have to say i was a little confused by the current exhibition, i'm not sure i would call it craft myself... maybe art? abstract art. made from bits of stuff. yeah. this stage aisha headed home for a nap before her glamorous night at the opera, and i pressed on to fed square for some arty indulgence.

-top arts exhibition @ the ian potter centre: ngv (
if you appreciate art at all, please please go and see this display of the best VCE artwork from 2008. it's hard to believe that art of this quality is produced by students, you will be absolutely blown away. plus it's free. i noticed a recurrent theme of environmental concern amongst the works, it warmed my lil' heart to be reminded that the youngens give a damn about the world. or at least the arty kids do.

i also stumbled across this little gem:
-federation square book market @ the atrium. (
every saturday, over 5000 new and pre-loved books. just try and stop yourself smelling the really old ones.

until my next adventure,


Nicole Johnston said...

Thank-you for your stories and photos - oh how i would enjoy an adventure just like that... so thanks for sharing it.
Nicole J

Craft Victoria said...

Hi Kim,
Thanks for dropping by Craft Hatch and Craft Victoria! It sounds like you had a great Saturday out.

Photos of the market and current exhibitions will be up soon on CLOG

Thank you for your support! Hope to see you soon :)

Kim (on behalf of CV)