Saturday, May 16, 2009

Reminder and RSVPs : Crochet on Monday Night in Melbourne

Crochet is on Monday at the Carlton Library in North Carlton - REQUISITE list and some things to study up on, plus event address and time etc are over here. It would be SO helpful if you did go over the links to get yourself familiar with a few basics - we have 3 teachers and 2 hours, but the time flies and if you work out how to hold your yarn and play around with basic chain stitch you will be streaks ahead!

People that received emails from me offering a place at the Monday night meet (because they were on the waiting list!) YOU ARE IN!

The following people who were the first NINE to RSVP on this post are also in - (please note that EMAILed RSVPs can't be included!!! Other members need to see where they fit in to the order of RSVPs and if people are emailing their RSVPs through there is no transparency and it doesn't seem fair! This counts for texted RSVPs and phone RSVPs too! Please RSVP in the comments only, lovely people!)

Anna C, Claire R, Kirsty M, Lara K, Amanda K-P, Kate H, Leah D, Bek S, Sophie De G - all IN!

Also, from now on, you can only RSVP for yourself - so no multiple RSVPing!

xx Pip

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