Sunday, May 17, 2009

give me a home among the gum trees...

Q: hey kim, i'm a mega hippy and i want to get out of the city this saturday... where should i go?*

A: well, ok. i will tell you, because you are a brown owl and that makes you fairly rad. you should definitely head to the st. andrews community market (

*question may have been fabricated for the purposes of this blog post.

north east of melbourne, it's on every saturday from early morning till mid afternoon. it looks like this...
boasting a bush setting and hippy vibes, this beautiful market has all the markety goodness you could wish for... second hand books, plants, body products, winter woolies, guitarists serenading, massage, fresh vegies, eggs, jewellery and oodles more.

oh, and there's heaps of tasty food on offer. check out my lunch from the vege curry man:
make sure you visit the chai tent at the top of the hill too...

don't want your break from the big smoke to end just yet? pop into some oppys and antique stores on the way home, like this one in hurstbridge:
peace out soul sisters,


Purple Paisley Patch said...

awwww, wish I was in Melbourne, that vegie curry looks delish! :-)

Evie said...

yeah the veggi curry does look great! enjoying you posts kim, exaggerations and all : )

Anonymous said...

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