Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Last Night's Melbourne Meet!


Thanks everybody who came!
Thanks to the Fitzroy Learning Network for hosting our meeting!
We had a lovely time and totally demolished the Babka Tarte Tatin!

xx Pip


About The Fitzroy Learning Network ::
From their website...We place a priority on assisting people in the community who lack opportunities to access learning, working in ways which build links between them and other members of the community. In particular we assist:
  • Non-English speaking migrants, refugees, temporary protection visa holders and asylum seekers and any other people who want or need to learn English and acquire basic literacy skills in English
  • People who are isolated and haven't the skills or opportunities to participate in social networks; older people; the unemployed; people on low-incomes
  • Students at risk of dropping out of school too early
  • People lacking opportunities to access new technology
  • People who need to develop new skills
You can volunteer to help with their excellent and valuable programs - induction is in JUNE - details as follows:

  • English as a Second Language Class Mentors : In class student support : No training required
  • Computer Clubhouse Mentors
  • Assistance in the afternoons from 3.30-6.30pm mentoring a group of local kids from 8-18 years. : Good computer skills and a desire to work with kids
  • Computer Class Mentors : In class student support : Good Software skills Microsoft Word, Internet and email
  • Sewing Class Mentors : In class student support : Help ESL student learn to sew
  • Community Networker : Home tutoring and social support : Seven weeks compulsory training
  • Study Support : Provide one on one tutoring to young her studying Years 11 & 12- particularly science subjects. Or for those undertaking tertiary studies who need study skills- often essay writing. Ideally suits those working or studying at university.
  • Saturday Mornings : Driving Instruction : Help a student obtain their drivers license by assisting them with driving instruction. You will be overseen by a qualified instructor and the car will be provided
  • Network Support : One off tasks or projects, admin duties : Assisting the Network on specific days
  • Social Events
  • Catering
  • Community Lunches
  • Parties and Excursions
  • Over 55's Social Group
  • Skills Bank
  • If you have a particular skill or Profession you may like to offer consultation, information etc.
  • Marketing and Fundraising
  • Become a member of the marketing and fundraising community or committee and provide assistance with organising and planning a variety of projects.
  • Event Planning
  • Help us plan and organise events from advocacy to fundraising that run through the year.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for last night Pip, and thanks to the Fitzroy Learning Network for the venue. That tart was divine.
I think I'm becoming addicted to crochet now!