Thursday, July 16, 2015


Hi Owlies,

This month, the very talented Denise Avery, Textile Artist extraordinaire, is going to give a workshop on making Kansashi flowers.
Here is what you need to bring:

Materials needed for each flower:
1 x piece of cotton fabric 15 x 30 cm, cut into 8 x 7.5 cm squares. Cotton is easier to use than synthetic fabric as it will hold creases easily without ironing. A firm plain weave quilting or dress fabric (
with a bit of substance but not too heavy or fine) with a small to medium overall print is good. Some quilting fabrics are a bit thick (e.g. homespun), and some dress fabrics a bit flimsy (e.g. voiles). A medium weight tightly woven silk that doesn't fray too much is good too. If anyone wants to bring an old tie to repurpose I can show them how to cut it. They should be unpicked and washed if possible; silk ties are good (although not all labelled silk are silk I've found). Wide ties are best as they should have enough fabric - I've found narrower ties hard to get enough squares from to make a 7.5cm flower, although a smaller one would be possible. Fiddly though for a first time.
8 x paper clips, small bulldog clips, pegs or sewing pins (to hold each petal while you're making the rest)
1 x small piece of felt (for the back of the flower)
1 x brooch pin (I can supply metal 
double clips - brooch and alligator for hair or garment wear for $1.50 each that the flowers can be hot glued onto; or plain stitch-on brooch backs for 30 cents each)
1 x 
button (for the centre of the flower)
Hand sewing needle/s
Thread (ordinary polyester sewing thread) in a colour to match the fabric

If you would rather, Denise can supply a kit for $4, but you will need to let me know so she will know how many to bring.

You might like to bring your own projects to continue with, and there is always knitting and crochet support available.

I'll look forward to seeing you.

The details:

Where - Gallery One, 1 Torrens Road Mitcham PH: 0431 297 258
When - Saturday July 25th from 1.30 until 4.00 pm
Cost $7, room hire, and if kits are pre ordered, $4.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Brown Owls Blog Has Moved!

This blog has moved to fancier digs!

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x Pip