Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Introducing Brown Owls Finland

Hi everyone! The Finnish Brown Owls are a very faraway, very small chapter of Brown Owls. Actually it is just me so far. I'm Ulla, and I have been a Faraway member since 2008. That is when I made my uniform:

I have been learning new skills through the links provided by Pip, like crocheting potholders


and lots of Granny Squares in May and during the months of our summer.


The biggest project of Finnish Brown Owls was a challenge to make quilts, blankets and sheets for orphanages in Tanzania. This challenge was organized by the church, and they ended up with 177 quilts or blankets, 441 sheets and 24 pillow cases. This was my contribution:


plus this one:

Three quilts, two granny blankets (plus knitted squares for one!), and eight sheets. I called this my "local" community project, and I hope to find more suitable charity projects for next year. It would also be fun to find more members for this chapter, from Finland or from Scandinavia or even from Europe. We wouldn't have to be able to physically meet; I have enjoyed my virtual membership in Brown Owls and made it more real through the things I have made. Making Softies for Mirabel, a quilt top for the Bushfire quilts project, or restashing crafters in Victoria were also more Brown Owl than just me.  - I promise to make it shorter next time!


meetmeatmikes said...

Hi Ulla! Can't wait to see more of your crafty adventures!Even if it is all by yourself! You are an OUTSTANDING Owl! x

Cherry said...

So great to see what you've been up to!

Anonymous said...
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Rebecca said...

Hi Ulla, What wonderful things you have made! I really enjoyed seeing them. Thank you!

kanishk said...

Can't wait to see more of your crafty adventures

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