Friday, February 13, 2009

Attention All Brown Owls! Restash a Crafter!

Hello to all of you!

I'm sure you are all aware of the dire situation we face in Victoria at the moment. Many, many homes destroyed. Many, many precious people lost. So many people have lost so much. We're channeling our sadness into positive action via Handmade Help.

This is a call-out to all Brown Owls. PLEASE - could you make up a 're-stash a crafter kit' and either send it to Mike's - or bring it to the first Brown Owls meet in your state - so that we can distribute these to crafters who have lost their craft stashes (and their homes).

It's very important to be keeping people busy at the moment. Knitting or crochet or embroidery might be just the trick for some people in these trying circumstances.

As Brown Owls it is our responsibility to help others. So either bring your excess craft items and make up the kits at your meet (or in the case of Melbourne, just donate them in the donations box on the night and we'll make them up - (maybe even on the night!)).

Please rally those you know for donations too.

We're sure you are all already working on your Handmade Help donation too, aren't you?! There is absolutely no rush with that one - just make something beautiful - it might become someone's new family heirloom.

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CurlyPops said...

That is such a fabulous idea. I have plenty of crafty things to add to the stash!