Thursday, November 5, 2009

:: Melbourne Meet : Wednesday 11 November : Borders/Gloria Jeans Carlton

Hi guys! We shall meet again, at Borders Carlton! We shall sip lattes and chai and crochet and stitch and chat and stuff! We shall!

Wednesday 11 November
7.30pm at Gloria Jeans!

Bring your own crafting or just come and chat and look at the books!
We're making it a bit earlier so we don't run out of time like we did last time!

RSVP here, so we know how many seats to (try and) save!


Bexy said...

Hi Pip - I'll be there! Time to dust off the crochet hooks and see if I remember how it works! Thanks, Rebecca N

Leah said...

Thanks Pip, I"d love to come.
Thanks Leah D

Anonymous said...

Hi Pip - I'll be there for sure!
Shannon R

kate said...

sounds good

AMM said...

Looking forward to it.

Andrea M

Bexy said...

Hi there - d'oh exam time is looming and after such a gorgeous hot weekend no study was done. I'm going to have to pull out I'm afraid - sorry! have fun!

Cindy said...

Provide gross cold is gone and I can breathe I will be there

teddybearswednesday said...

I will be there. xx
Jess M

AMM said...

Apologies - something has come up so won't be able to make it.

Andrea M