Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hobart Brown Owls gather again - but what should we do?

Our little parliament of owls is meeting again in Taroona after skipping our last meeting.

We know this is a duck, but it's outside where we meet, so just pretend, OK?

The scheduled February meeting was (I think) our hottest day this summer, so we all went inside our little bird boxes and wilted (well, I did anyway...).

So far our group has been kind of feeling it's way a little bit - we have had 6 gatherings so far and we have been getting to know each other and working out when we can make it and what we do and what we make and all that jazz.  Now some of us were thinking it is time to get a bit of focus going for the group.

We already learn from each other - last time we met I learned that a machine I had decided should be invented, was already in existence (a yarn ball spinner thing...yes, I am a noob at some stuff...); but maybe now we take an idea from many other groups and do some team activity of some kind.  I am guessing charity, but who knows?  We have a pregnant owl, so perhaps our first team effort should be focused on the impending smallest one?  Or maybe we make some stuff to sell to buy other people sewing machines via kiva?  Or perhaps we make stuff to give directly to someone; in the Softies for Mirabel vein?  I know this is seasonal, but we might take a while to be organised :)  Or maybe something more locally inspired - such as the Alannah and Madeline foundation buddy bags.

Anyway - we meet, we talk, we decide.  Maybe.  Advice from other groups who have organised such efforts is most welcome!   Our group is here if you want to join us - looking forward to some crafty goodness on Saturday :)


Sarah said...

There was talk of a Brown Owls in the evening at The Nook... Is this happening???

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