Monday, April 2, 2012

Hobart - A very small gathering...

Hobart Brown Owls got back into the swing of things on Saturday, after a small hiatus while the weather was too hot for any Taswegian to go outside.

Our meeting was small, yet had four different crafts going on and one new member!  There was bead knitting from Hilary:

I have never seen this before but their skirts are made by knitting with strings of beads and they look so gorgeous:

There was a very small amount of newly learned continental knitting from me (I can normal knit the "throwy" way...) which resulted in this not very impressive picture :)

There was bunting being made for a wedding by Josie in gorgeous colours (apologies for the truly awful picture):

There were babies trying to hide from the camera*

*technically not craft, but worth showing anyway

 And Lauren was making (slightly creepy) headless dolls:

We have been assured they will have heads in the fullness of time,
at which point they will cease to be creepy...
With hairy armpits (the dolls, not Lauren):

Perhaps poor picture timing on my part :)

Despite our small numbers we had a nice catch up, with kids playing in the playground while we relaxed and did our thing.

We also discussed our potential theme / charity / team crafting a bit.  I don't think we resolved the issue but our first step is some workshops - so I am going to get Lauren and Josie into some basic amigurumi type crochet next time (I just now remembered that I promised that...).  A few workshops and a few more players and we might be ready for something more structured and organised.

Looking forward to crochet fun next time!

Bye for now from our "brown owl"

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