Saturday, August 4, 2012

July Meeting - Hobart Brown Owls

On a lovely day that alternated between bright blazing sunshine and driving rain, Hobart Brown Owls met again in our little cottage.  Excitingly, we were almost a bit squishy in the cottage as we had several new members, including one of 5 weeks old :)

We also covered virtually every crafty discipline as follows:

Jaci continued knitting scarves for her triplets (she is onto number three!)

Jennie was sewing up a cardigan for her five week old, while balancing the five week old on her knee (super impressive).

Alissa was crocheting a cushion cover - nearly finished already!

Rachel was hand appliqueing a quilt for her boys, while Issy was doing some cutting / sticking / colouring and generally getting in the way :) 

Danika whipped up a baby quillt for her friend

Can't wait for August's meet!

Happy Owling :)

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