Friday, October 19, 2012

Brisbane Owls and BrisStylers: Embroidered Cards

'Tis the time to think about Christmas cards! We have a sweet project lined up for our next meet up, it's all about embroidered cards! Plus we'll be joining forces with BrisStyle for a combined catch up!

Date: Saturday 27 October, 2012 

Time: 10:30am - 12:30pm

WhereBrisbane Square Library, 266 George Street, Brisbane CBD

What to bring:
- Upcycled is always best in our books so bring along some old postcards or any type of plain or patterned card you have, the ones on this post were made from old exhibition invites but you could use anything from junk mail to cereal boxes.
- A simple design or bring along some pencil and paper and make one on the day (designs pictured here will be available for you to use too)
- Embroidery thread
- Needle and a pin with a head
- Blank card, paper or gift tags depending on what you want to make. If you're not sure just bring along what you have and we can have a chat about what might work best and how to finish it off at home.
- Scissors and glue
- A dish sponge or piece of thick cardboard to help push your pin through the card. 
- As always if you're unable to bring any of these things we will have some bits and pieces available on the day.

If embroidered cards isn't your thing that's no problem, as always you can bring along your own craft to work on :)

RSVP by Friday 26 October by emailing

See you then!

P.S. Missed out on rubber stamp making last time? We'll have the gear with us at this meet up, check out this post for what to bring


BrisStyle said...

ovemsasCan't wait sounds really good, thanks Rebecca!x

BrisStyle said...

Should read "I can't wait" :) not sure where ovemsas came from :)

edward and lilly said...

Thanks, have just fixed the date, it's Saturday 27th :)