Monday, January 28, 2013

Brisbane: Get your knots on for macramé!

It's time for our first meet up of the year and we're kicking it off with a fun craft suitable for all levels! Learn the basics of the square knot and you'll be whipping up plant holders and accessories in no time!

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When: Saturday 23 February, 10:30am-12:30pm

Where: Carindale Library, Westfield Carindale, 1151 Creek Road, Carindale

What to bring:
Rope, cord or yarn depending on what you would like to make (see notes below)
Metal ring for the top of the plant hanger (the rings from key rings are perfect and can be found at Reverse Garbage).
Beads, washers, shells or anything with a hole through the middle to add to your macramé bracelet.
A clipboard isn't essential but if you have one at home bring it along, it makes for an excellent board to hold your macramé in place while you tie knots.

RSVP: As soon as possible by emailing

For plant hangers:
There are lots of materials you can use to make your plant hangers, have a think about whether you would like your hanger to be indoors or outdoors, this will guide the type of rope or cord you use. For example a good cord for outdoors may be a polypropylene or cotton rope about 6mm thickness whereas a natural plant based fibre like jute may not last outdoors for as long. Hemp on the other hand is much stronger and suitable for outdoor use. Check out your local hardware store or even better Reverse Garbage!
For indoor use you could use any type of cord or rope as long as it can take the weight of the plant, think outside the square about different types of yarns, recycled fabric or bring an old t-shirt along and make t-shirt yarn.
Keep an eye on the Brown Owls Facebook page closer to the time for more suggestions or follow this Pinterest page.
NB: The amount of cord or rope to bring will depend on the size you would like your plant hanger to be. If you're not sure drop me a line at and we can have a chat about it (bearing in mind that I'm travelling at the moment so Internet is few and far between but I will respond as soon as possible).

For macramé bracelets:
Hemp or cotton cord is probably the easiest to work with on your first go but you may also like to bring along some old fabric to upcycle into a cute bracelet, ribbon, embroidery thread for the super patient or any other type of thin cord.
Bring along some beads, washers for a 'metal' look, shells, or anything with a hole through the middle to thread on while your knotting the bracelet. Check out Reverse Garbage for some unique up cycled options.

See you then!

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