Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hi Brown Owls!

Dear Brown Owls - fellows
Having had our first meeting we are ready to introduce ourself.
Being inspired by your wonderful initative we have started our own Brown Owls in Helsinge a small danish town north of Copenhagen, Denmark.
We have a really enjoyable time as your might see Ü
Having formally been accepted by the municipality as a local association we are able to use rooms at the local school (which also ment our work was accompanied by the linedancers next door).
The wonderfull knittet doll is inspired by these fantastic couple - Arne and Carlos from Norway - 
We meet first tuesday and second sunday each month.
May you all feel invited to join us if you come by our part of the world....
Best regards
Brown Owls Helsinge

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Miss Maggie Pie said...

How totally gorgeous that you've joined us! Welcome, and we hope the rest of Scandanavia joins in this crafty world.