Monday, May 20, 2013

Brisbane: Crochet Edges

Working on some crochet edges for the next Brown Owls meet up for @brisstyle Saviours of the Lost Arts! 

Ok Brisbane, it's time to get your crochet on those edges! Gather up your tea towels, wash clothes, blankets, cute postcards, upcycle old greeting cards or add sweet edging to your shirts and skirts! We'll begin the meet up by learning the absolute basics of crocheting edges on fabric then move on up to cardboard and different designs. 

If you've never picked up a crochet hook it might be good to watch a few YouTube videos and have a little practice beforehand to get the general idea, this video is quite clear but there are loads more. If you're not sure just email me at for a chat.

When: Saturday 25 May, 10:30am-12:30pm

Where: Ashgrove Library, 87 Amarina Avenue, Ashgrove

What to bring:
1. Your fabric item of choice (eg wash cloth, tea towel, etc)
2. 4 ply yarn (either crochet cotton or baby yarns/wool are often 4 ply)
3. Crochet hook - I work with a size 2.5, if this seems too small bring what is comfortable for you to work with, this meet up is more about learning rather than finishing a perfect item.
4. Darning or wool needle (the eye of the needle needs to be large enough to fit your yarn through) 
5. Fabric pen or pencil (a lead pencil is ok)
6. Scissors 
7. A ruler
8. Your cardboard item of choice, this could be a postcard, old greeting card or anything else you would like to crochet edges on. I still used my 4ply yarn for the card above which is about the size of a postcard but I had a slightly smaller hook, a size 2 or 2.25 works nicely but see what you have at home.

RSVP: Essential! Email

See you then! 

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