Thursday, August 1, 2013

Perth Brown Owls

Yes!  Our Perth group does exist.  I just keep forgetting to post on here.

Interested in coming along?  Join our Facebook group to get monthly meeting invites.

If you aren't on FB (and hey, who can blame you), you will just have to trust that we meet on the third Sunday of each month.  Regular as clockwork, we are.  

All the info is here.

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UdyRegan said...

This was last year’s post which leaves me wondering if the group meet-ups are still ongoing for every third Sunday of each month. I will be dropping off some stuff at storage Perth and the craft house is just around the corner from where I will be at. It will be a good opportunity for me to come down and learn a thing or two from fellow participants there and at the same time sharing my ideas as well. It is always much more enthusiastic learning in a group rather than by myself.