Monday, November 18, 2013

Brunswick Brown Owls have a FINGER PUPPET FIESTA! 7pm 20th November 2013

Wednesday, 20th November 2013
Handmade Charlotte

Got some hand made gifts to make? That gift-giving season creeping up on you? Want to give some sweet, thoughtful, clever critter to a friend or family member? Well, do join us for a FELT FINGER PUPPET FIESTA! This Wednesday! Not sure how to do it? Then Stacy (that’s me) will help! FOR FREE! We love to share our skills!

I’ll bring tiny felt scraps, but you could bring a basic sewing kit of
  • ·      needle,
  • ·      thread (floss is best, but I can share)
  • ·      scissors
  • ·      felt or fabric
  • ·      some ideas for your critter, drawn or printed
  • ·      your finger! For puppet theatre fun!

Come and join us, Wednesday 20th November at 7pm at the Sporting Club, Weston St, Brunswick, Victoria for a FINGER PUPPET FIESTA!

Don’t have any ideas? No problem, visit our Pinterest page for ideas or pin your own. You may want to do some PAPER PUPPETS, AMIGURUMI PUPPETS, or CROCHET or KNITTED PUPPETS! The possibilities hurt my head!

Or you could visit Handmade Charlotte for her current finger puppet post. It’s got an owl in it!

If you’re not into fingers or puppets, feel free to bring your own crafty project and carry on with that, there will be lots happening in the fine Ladies Lounge.

We’d love you to come and say HIDEE HI to the Brunswick Brown Owls! If you can’t make it, we’ll pop up photos of the evening on our Brunswick Brown Owls Facebook page so you can join in the fun too.  We have over 170 members and you can be a part of our crafty community too! Come along and learn some new skills with us!

The Sporting Club still has delicious tapas and discounted cider jugs! Tasty. Bring your friends! We like your friends! We like you! Did I mention we’re friendly?

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