Tuesday, February 25, 2014

BRUNSWICK BROWN OWLS Wednesday 26th February 2014 @ Sporting Club


Wednesday 26th February 2014 

Hello lovely crafty types! We are a crafty group that is free to join and very welcoming to new members. We meet every fortnight on a Wednesday at 7pm in the Ladies Lounge in the Sporting Club Hotel in Weston St, Brunswick ,Vic. 

We usually bring in a crafty project we are working on, or once every couple of months we have a project or tutorial from a guest teacher where we learn new skills or make something new. Either way, we have a drink or some tasty tapas to show our affection for our lovely hosts, we have a chat, and we meet new people into the cool stuff you're into and have more chats and laughs and fun. That's it! 

Come! Bring a friend! Join our group!

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