Tuesday, April 8, 2014

EASTER FESTIVE FUN with the Brunswick Brown Owls

We are a festive lot here at the Brunswick Brown Owls, and we love to celebrate.

Purl Bee Bunnies found here

That's why we are popping our southern hemisphere autumnal festival bonnets on and 
hopping to do Easter crafts this Wednesday 9th April at the Sporting Club at 7pm. 

You're not into Easter? Yeah, I get it. 
Just bring your current crafty project and come and have a chat with us.
OR if you are into it, join me in making these gorgeous felt bunnies from the Purl Bee. 
You don't need much, just simple stash items that you've probably already got. If you're like me that is. I'll print out the template so we can all do it. 

Or you could join us at our Facebook group and we can share our great ideas virtually, 
but we'd love to see your gorgeous face!

you can add to or peruse for your crafty pleasure!

Would you love to learn about something else? 
Feel free to drop a line and get in contact at our fb page, so we can share together!

See you soon crafty lassies, Stacy

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