Friday, May 9, 2014

Southside Owls ~ venue and date changes!

Hi lovely ladies

Things have been getting pretty hectic for Michelle and I lately. I'm currently working and living part time up in Brisvegas until the end of July, and Michelle is moving to Detroit in August!!

So we need to change some of the dates and switch the venues for our upcoming meets. Hopefully this doesn't cause anyone too much inconvenience.  Thanks for your understanding!

Any questions please leave a comment here, on facebookemail me or tweet me

Really looking forward to to seeing you all soon!

Shan & Michelle x


bear said...


I'm a crafty girl and I'd love to come and check you out Southside. I'm trying to figure out which night your June event is on but I'm confused! The calendar on the website shows Thursday night but this post says its on Friday?

Unknown said...

i'm crafty , love to learn new, create and looking for new fun friendship and laughter. I'm living on the south side of the city and would love to come if thats ok . Could you please advise the best way to contact or keep updated etc.

With many thanks