Friday, July 18, 2014

Brisbane: Paper Flowers

It's so exciting to have Maria Dower along to this very special Brown Owls meet up, numbers are strictly limited for this one so get in quick!

Direct from Maria:
"My daughter Alison, requested rainbow colour paper flowers for her wedding, so after trying numerous styles  we chose a flower that I designed. It took a period 16 months to complete all the flowers for her wedding."

When: Sunday 20 July, 10:30am-12:30pm
Venue: Carindale Library, Westfield Carindale
Cost: $15 per person, includes all materials to make 3 flowers and a leaf during the class
RSVP: Essential email
Places are limited!

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ThomasMaloney said...

I heard about this from Kirsty. Great idea, just sorry I heard about it too late! This is the kind of thing I'd get my scissors out of storage for! Love to know if you guys are doing this sort of thing again anytime soon.

ChristopherJames said...

Handicrafts are really popular in my household and we treat them like a family bonding activity that is enjoyed by members of all age groups from the children to the old folks. We have made paper flowers before but they were obviously not anything special such as this. We followed an origami instruction book which we had up in the storage closet and it was really interesting and engaging.