Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sydney: Ephemera night Re-visited this week!

Calling all Sydney Owls!! Due to popular demand, Ephemera night is coming back! Bring along all your old magazines, sheet music, paper, maps, photos and create your own masterpiece!
image via from the last Ephemera Night

When: Thursday 27th May, 7pm-10pm

Where: Lane Cove Centre houseImportant note: we’re using the BACK room, so you need to walk down the side of the place, go through the gate and out the back (178 Longueville Rd, Lane Cove)

What to Bring:

- A base to work on. Either a canvas, notebook, piece of cardboard, wood panel – whatever you’d like to decorate.
- Glue – Mod Podge is GREAT stuff

- old Brushes (to use the glue)
- lids / plastic (to put glue into)
- scissors / rotary cutters and boards
- Ephemera – Anything that is made of paper and is vintage. Bring things to use yourself, but also things you’d like to share with the group.
Want to join Sydney Owls? Please email Bec


Miss Alison Regrets said...

I don't want to miss the ephemera fun a second time! I'll be there, and will bring scanned copies of vintage patterns (I love the originals too much to cut up), plus some mags from work, and anything else I think of!
Fran x

Shelsta said...

Unfortunately I can't make it this week. Have a great time, "sticking paper things on to other paper things" - I think that's how it was described??? te he...