Monday, May 10, 2010

Upcoming Sydney Owl Meetings!

image from KizzieFK

Here's a post where we will update all upcoming Sydney meetings. Individual posts will be given with details of all meetings in the future, here's a sneak peak:

19 May - Madison Hotel, Sydney CBD - Yarn in the Pub
27 May - Lane Cove Art Center, Lane Cove - Ephemera Night Revisited
8 June - Inner West
16 June - TBD, Yarn in the Pub
24 June - Lane Cove Art Center, Lane Cove
13 July - Inner West
21 July - TBD, Yarn in the Pub
22 July - Lane Cove Art Center
10 August - Inner West
18 August - TBD, Yarn in the Pub
26 August - Lane Cove Art Center

Times are from 7pm-10pm unless otherwise noted.

Are you new to owls or even new to craft?! Please do come along. We'd love to have you!!!


Jessica Lonard (The Crafty Librarian) said...

Thanks, Amy! Looking forward to coming to as many meetings as I can :o)

MY SPACE said...

Hi there, How can I find out more information about the Lane Cove meetings and what happens in a Brown Owls night?

Victoria said...

Where abouts in the Inner West will you be holding the meeting, i would love to come.

Vanessa said...

HI Kayscha,
Did you get a reply? There is a Lane Cove Meeting on tonight if you want to just turn up and see what it is all about?? It is at the centrehouse on Longueville Rd from 7pm - 10pm

Vanessa said...

Hi Victoria,
We have finally found a space for the inner west which is a place called "Artspark" in Rozelle. We will have access to sewing machines there so will probably try and have a few sewing themed nights there - having said that if you don't want to sew just turn up with whatever you do want to do!!
There will be more details about this venue soon....

Anonymous said...

The Rozelle meetings sound great! I look forward to more info??

Emma x
qotfu72 at yahoo dot com dot au

Lorraine said...

When is the next Sydney meeting?

L said...

oh noes! no meetings in September! this means we should organize one pronto :-) any way I can help? I would love to join this group xoxoxo

MY SPACE said...

Hi, no I ahven't ever gotten a repsonse from any email I sent. Is the Sydney one still going? I ahve a few ladies on the north shore interested in attending - wondering if we can make a Northern Sydney chapter?

elliefunk said...

I am northshore way and curious about brown owls and whether there are any meetings in the near future?