Thursday, June 10, 2010

Preston crafty fun times…

For all those lovely ladies that were at the last meet, we talked about meeting up in June. I’m flying off to Europe tomorrow night, so it’s up to you Preston gals to chat amongst yourselves and tee up a date, place and time.

To kick things off how about the following:

Date: Sunday 20th June

Time: 2pm-4pm

Place: Pearl Oyster Café, 114 Miller Street Preston.

Cost: Its free, but as usual please bring along some spare change and try a lovely tea or coffee, not too much to ask for a couple of hours in such an ace place!

RSVP: right here in the comments section and feel free to offer up a change of venue or anything else you might like to suggest.

Have fun and I can’t wait to catch up with you all when I get back!

Heart Keti x o


Nycole said...

Have a wonderful trip Keti!
Sunday 20th is no good for me as I'm hosting a knitting group in Brunswick at that exact time.
But the following Sunday (27th) is better - however I know you can't please everyone, so just putting it out there in case others can't make the 20th... If the 20th's good for everyone else I'll see you at the July meet!

Anonymous said...

Hi Keti and other Preston Brown Owls

Just letting you know that I would love to catch up on the 20th as suggested. Looking forward to seeing you all again.


Martta said...

Hello! Can't make it next Sunday. Hope to make it to the next though. Have fun!

Have a wonderful and exciting trip Keti!I'm sure it will be amazing. And no I'm not jealous about Venice at all, te-hee.