Monday, June 21, 2010

Woolie Western Owls

Now winter is truly here I need to get my crochet skills moving from just lusting after other peoples stuff to waggling the hook about (That is the technical term isn't it?)  

If you fancy joining me is some wooly fun then come along to Brown owls Yarraville.  Everyone is welcome, no membership needed, just rock up, have fun then go home!

Date: Monday 5th July
Time: 7pm-9.30
Place: Yarraville community centre.  We are in the lovely building on Francis St.
Cost: $3, plus change if you want a cuppa and cakes if you want to be my BFF
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Casie said...

I'll try and be organised enough to bring a plate this time. The peppermint tea will be in tow of course.

See you then.

emsveen said...

Yay! I'll be there and HOPEFULLY I'll be finished that bloomin' blanket and onto something new!! Sewing those ends in has been a killer! I'll try and bring a plate too.

Anonymous said...

Good timing! I've been thinking about trying my hand at crocheting some cushions - now I can pick everyone's brains.

I'll also try and get my slice skills happening again.

Anouska said...

fantastic, looking forward to it. Unfortuantely I can't report great things about the scarf... along with the dog shaking it to bits and me not remembering how many stiches I had done...its not looking too pretty...

I will bring it anyway along with some cakes and card making stuff.
See you then

lynne said...

i'm coming and looking forward to it

rain_in_a_teacup said...

Well I can't do anything woolie, but I would like to check out the work of those who can and I am working on a sleeping bag for my snugly kitty which I can bring along :o)

Anonymous said...

Count me in - Im in the process of attempting to crochet :)

Sarah K

Molly Rose said...

i am coming i reall am!
sorry for missing other meetings.