Monday, November 15, 2010

Brisbane Owls: Last meet up for 2010!

RSVP now for the last Brisbane meet up for 2010: Screen printing or BYO craft!

We're so excited to announce another very special Brisbane meet up with Ellie from Red Seed Studio. Ellie has kindly invited Brown Owls back to her fabulous studio for a little screen printing workshop or for those who prefer to work on their own craft we'll have a special space at the studio for you to stitch, knit or crochet to your heart's content!

Date: Sunday 21 November

Time: 10:30am-12:30pm. If you're screen printing you're welcome to come a little earlier to get started on your work.

Venue: 24 Vanda St, Woolloongabba, 4102 (parking is avail in the front yard, and some on street, but it's a residential street, so don't know weekend parking situations. There's sure to be parking on Logan Rd as well. Closest train station is Buranda (about 3 mins walk), and buses go along Logan Rd often).

About the Screen Printing Workshop

There is a limit of 10 people for this workshop so it's first in best dressed. You can either email to book your place or leave a comment on this blog post. If you miss out and there is enough interest we'll run it again for the November meet up.

Cost: $20 each - this includes the inks and all printing stuff needed. Ellie has very kindly waived her tutoring fees so that we can take advantage of this very low price!

About the class: Learn the basics of screen printing onto fabric in this fun class. You'll hand cut your own stencils, using your original designs (Ellie will be there to help with design inspiration!), and then print using a blank screen and toxic-free printing ink. There is a lovely little table in the 'printing shed' (the garage), set in a quiet garden with lots of natural light and space.
Due to the short crafting time, if you work on a design idea before the day, that will increase your printing time available. Simple, bold designs often work best. Remember - you'll be hand cutting the design, so don't make anything too complicated.

What to bring:

* The cost of the workshop doesn't include any material / fabric to print onto however Ellie has 100% linen tea towels available for the special wholesale price of $5 each. If you would like to purchase some of these please leave a comment or email Ellie at so Ellie can make sure there are enough. Ellie may also have some linen and hemp / organic cotton at wholesale price (if anyone's interested, they can email Ellie at

* Alternatively you can bring plain fabric, tea towels, tote bags (not too thick), t-shirts, singlets, onesies, pillow cases, cut fabric for a certain project (eg - the bodice of a dress, or a skirt panel, etc). Also thick card is nice to print on - to make posters or cards. Cut to size, or one big piece. (Smaller is better as a hand cut stencil is easier and quicker to cut if it's smaller. and 2 - 3hrs isn't a lot of time for intricate designs).

* Please bring an old shirt or apron to wear, as well as some scraps of calico or other fabric to use for test printing. If you have a hair dryer, please bring that along as well (to help dry the fabric quicker for more printing).

* If you have cutting boards, the sort used for stanley knives and cutting blades, not the quilting ones please bring them along.

* and don't forget your design ideas!

Or BYO craft
We'll be setting up a cosy little area in the lounge room or if the weather's nice out in the garden for those who would like to work on their own crafting. Rebecca and Sam will be there to help out with anyone wanting to learn the basics of crochet, knitting, embroidery or if you have any crafty questions/problems we'll do our best to help solve them :)

Everyone: Bring along a fold up chair, picnic blanket, cushions or something to sit on. Tea and coffee will be provided but feel free to show off your baking skills by bringing along some morning tea.

RSVP: Please rsvp by commenting on this post or email by Wednesday 17 November.

Look forward to seeing you then!


Abbey said...

Yes please, for me for screenprinting. Its been sooo long!

I also have a friend who would like to come along and do screen printing. Please let me know if there is a spot free that she would be able to fill.


Unknown said...

Heya everyone,just RSVPing my spot in the screenprinting workshop,looking forward to it YAY :-)

emharm said...

I'm in! Can't wait :)

Bel said...

Yay I cant wait to do Ellie's Screen printing workshop and catch up with all the Owly girls, its been way too long!

LittleSparrowDesign said...

Count us in my sister and me if there is still spaces left?

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Yay! I'd love to come, I've missed so many this year, and would love to do some screenprinting!

edward and lilly said...

Thanks everyone, you're all booked in.

Abbey, sorry we only have enough space for members as there is a limit of 10 places.

Sandra said...

Not sure if it's too late but I'd love to have a spot at the screenprinting workshop. If all the places are taken I'll just bring along my own stuff to work on. I may have to bring my daughter with me too but she's pretty easy to get along with so hope that's ok.

edward and lilly said...

Hi Sandra, no problem. I've booked you in for a spot and yes of course your daughter is more than welcome!

Sarah said...

Sorry guys I have been sick with the dreaded flu this week so I am out of action. Hope you have a great morning screenprinting :)