Monday, November 8, 2010

Canberra Brown Owls - 21st November

Back by popular demand, this month we'll be freezer-paper stencilling! This is a really simple technique that produces fabulous results on fabric.

Have a look here at the freezer paper Flickr group for inspiration:

Image from here

You'll need to bring:
  • a photocopy/printout of a design you want to stencil,
  • something you want to stencil on to (t-shirt, tea towel, fabric),
  • a pencil for tracing the design on to the freezer paper,
  • an exacto or paper cutting knife, and
  • a plastic lid or some kind of paint palette
  • $6 for the room hire.
For the princely sum of $3 we can provide you with a 50cm length of freezer paper, and access to fabric medium, paint (black, white, red, blue and yellow) and brushes. If you're a quilter you may already have access to your own freezer paper, or you can bring your own paints. You can buy a piece of freezer paper for $1, or some fabric medium (turns regular paint into fabric paint) for $1. Let us know if the comments if you want a the 'package' or just freezer paper.

Here are some great places to start looking for a stencil or for a bit of information about the process. Best to try something simple to start with.

And try using the image function to search Google for possible stencil images too.

Look forward to seeing you there - Sunday 21 November at 1:30 at the Downer Community Centre. Leave your RSVP or any questions in the comments, and let us know if you need supplies. Don't forget - $6 for the room hire and a plate of something yummy to share if you're so inclined!


Georgie said...

Yet again I'm a no for this month. I missed freezer paper last year too! Bummer!

Have fun though, can't wait to see the results!

Georgie xox

Michelle said...

Hooray, we aren't going away after all so I am definitely in! Would love the full package please.

Umatji said...

Hi, can't come as I am not a local but would love to know what the heck freezer paper is? Is it baking paper? or Greaseproof or or???

Michelle said...

Hooray! I'm in! I think I have my own makings of a kit, but will double check to be sure!

Michelle L

cristy said...

I'll be there and would love a full kit please.

Umatji: Freezer paper is a US product (like our baking paper, but more waxy - our baking paper doesn't work for these projects). You can buy it at craft stores in Australia (but in the supermarket in the US).

Bron said...

hooray - I am so there!
I would like just some freezer paper!
Thanks =)
x bron

Jackie said...

Thanks for the email, I would love to come! Sounds so exciting! My cousin would like to come too if thats ok.

We will both need the kit.

Yay! Thanks for organising.

Anonymous said...

I'll be there and I would like the kit please

Joanne said...

I will be away for a special girl's birthday camping trip (hope the weather holds out for us...) hope you all have heaps of fun. Can't wait to see the results!


Michelle said...

Taish ( who came the time before last) is coming and would like a kit please

Genevieve said...

I would love to come. Can I please have the package. Genevieve