Monday, April 11, 2011

Adelaide Brown Owls - Let's get chicky!

Hey there Owlettes! Want to get down and crafty making a gorgeous chick like this?

photo by Myrtle and Eunice

The very clever Mytle and Eunice have created this gorgeous little chick and with Easter coming up, it's a perfect craft to share. They are very easy and all you need to know is blanket stitch. If you don't, then we are happy to teach you!

photo by Myrtle and Eunice

Kits will be provided on the night and will cost $2. Or BYO craftiness. And show and tell. ;)

You will need to bring:
* sewing needle

Next meeting: 13th April
Same place: Box Factory, Regent St, Sth Adelaide
Same time: 7pm til 9:30pm

Bring a friend! We'd love to see some new faces!!


Unknown said...

I'll be there but I won't get a kit. I've got a few too many WIPS that I need to focus on right now. Mel W

Helenbeee said...

they are gorgeous love them!!!

Lauren said...

They are so cute! I'm going to try and come along. I will let you know for sure though!

Tania said...

Now THAT'S how you do it! You'll have a flock of chicks in no time. Dare you to stage a chick limbo...

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I can't make it as I have a work meeting - but have fun and Happy Easter. Any chance of saving me a kit?? I would love to make one in the holidays anyway.
Susan D

Anonymous said...

will be there will need two kits ty leonie m

Donna said...

I'm coming...I'd love a kit,too.

Cathy said...

I'll be there - I may be a bit late but please save me a kit

Megs said...

I will be there, Donna I'll text you tomorrow!
Can I have a kit please :)

MTB Girl said...

I'd love to come along. Can I please have a kit?

MTB Girl said...

I'm really sorry, I had a really late day at work and can't make it tonight.

See you next time.

Mel said...

I think this is a really good activity to be performed along with the kids. The blanket stitch is easy for them to follow and can be taught within just a short period of time. I remember sewing some little pockets with my nieces and their friends for them to put mini toys in that extra storage they have created themselves. It is really a pleasant experience looking at them being satisfied with their own hard work at achieving something even though it is just a simple handicraft project.