Monday, April 4, 2011

Origami Brown Owls Adelaide Style!

Our Origami instructor - Chieko

Our gorgeous Brown Owl member Chieko was here visiting from Japan and on her last night with us showed us how to craft ourselves a beautiful flower and small box using origami.

Origami - Brown Owls style Origami - Brown Owls style

Like how innovative we Brown Owls are? Using beer bottle tops for glue holders is a great idea!


Origami Leap Frog - Brown Owls

And to finish off the night, we folded ourselves some super cute frogs and had an impromptu session of "My Frog Can Jump Further Than Your Frog".

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Mel said...

I personally am not a huge fan of origami. I think it is entirely because of my lack of expertise folding those papers to turn out like how they are supposed to and I will get easily agitated if I miss just a single step. Thus, I would rather skip this handicraft instead of being restless while carrying out my crafting hobby. Nevertheless, recently I have managed to come across a few origami projects that do look quite simple to achieve which are little storage boxes that are just what I need for my loose keys and coins. I might just change my mind about this art completely.