Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Brunswick Brown Owl Hoot tonight- LEARN CROCHET

Tonight Brunswick crafty types,

We'll be heading to the Ladies Lounge at the Sporting Club in Weston St, Brunswick (opposite the Barkly Square car park) to learn (or help others to learn, we need you too!) how to crochet.

Sue Halliday will be our lovely host, and we'll have a couple of visitors from Channel 31 filming and interviewing a couple of peeps (don't worry if you're shy), and maybe even a student coming for a peek and a chat too! Try and arrive at 7pm so we can get cracking.

Bring your hook and 8 ply wool. And a sense of adventure!
And a friend or two, they're always welcome!

Oh yes, tapas are four for the price of three, yummo!

The menu is over here:

For more information about the Brunswick Brown Owls, visit:

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Miss Maggie Pie said...

Cheers to the gorgeous collection of lovely learners we had at the Sporting Club on Wednesday evening! It was fantastic to have so many keen crotcheters. And a big ups to Sue and our helpers, Debra, Susie, Beth and Zette. What a wonderful world of craft you've all opened up. I have yet to finish my granny square, but I'm getting there! I will send on the details when the "Made by Hand" TV show is going to air on Channel 31, thanks for participating! Chain, chain, chain...