Monday, May 23, 2011

Preston Brown Owls

DATE: Sunday 29th May
TIME: 2- 3pm
WHERE: Pearl Oyster Cafe- 114 Miller St, Preston
(stop 37 on the 112 tram)
WHAT: Bring along
your own crafty project that your working on.
COST: free- but purchase a cup of tea or coffee as a thank you
gesture for hangin' at such an tip-top venue
RSVP: In the comments section if you'd like to come along.
Email me if you have any questions
Everyone is welcome!


Rebecca said...

Hi Keti, I've not been before but I'd love to come along and have a knit on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Hey keti! I've finally got rid of five weeks of family I'm off to Sydney next weekend but could we try for the 10th July?