Friday, October 21, 2011

Adelaide Owls :: Gift Tag Fun

Hi Adelaide Owls

Seeing as it's going to be present season soon I thought we could have a night of making some sweet gift tags

Where? The Box Factory, Regent Street South, Adelaide.

When? This Wednesday 26th October at 7pm.

I'll bring along some fun things for us to use and if you could too that would be great. Anything pretty that you think of, ribbons, card, lace, buttons, beads, hole punchers, fabric, felt, even needles and thread - all welcome!

Plus other useful things: rulers, scissors, lead pencils & glue sticks

If someone could bring their hot glue gun that would be fantastic!

Comment here to let us know you are coming.


Anonymous said...

ii will be there tis leonie

co•co•marro said...

Can I join you? I just moved to Adelaide and I would love to meet people who love crafts the same as I do. I´ll bring stuff too :))) I can´t wait!!

Aussie Boy said...

Hopefully, I will be able to come for my first visit.
I could bring a hot glue gun but I am out of glue at the moment.
Looking forward to meeting you all.