Thursday, November 17, 2011

Adelaide Brown Owls - Christmas ornaments

We will be making Matryoshka Christmas tree ornaments tonight using the excellent pattern and tutorial from here - .

For the princely sum of $2 you will get all of the felt pieces required to make the ornament, embroidery floss and stuffing, plus I will provide glue for those people who don't feel like stitching on the night.  Please let me know when you RSVP if you'd like a kit.

If you'd rather not make an ornament then please feel free to bring your own project instead - we'd still love to see you!

When:  Wednesday 23rd November
Where: The Box Factory
How much: $2 for the kit (if you want one)


Deb M. said...

Yes please!! They look georgeous. Deb M.

Deb M. aka WildEndeavour said...

Forgot to say ... 2 kits please. Deb M. Long time no see!! (Didn't get an email warning of the meeting.)

XmasOrnamentsWorld said...

I really like when people is trying to create something and not just get cheap supermarket junk.
Christmas tree ornaments