Sunday, January 15, 2012

Southside Owls 2012!

Hello and happy new year!

Southside Owls will be on again in 2012!! As most of you know superwoman Kat is about to have her first baby very soon! So, I'm very excited to announce that the lovely Michelle from Frankie and Swiss will be co-hosting with me this year!

Photo taken by Michelle

We will switch between our two venues each month - Miss Jackson Cafe in St. Kilda, and Frankie and Swiss Print Studio in South Yarra.

We'll be meeting on the second Thursday of each month, starting in March.
Here's a list of dates and locations for 2012 (also in the sidebar calendar):

Thu 8th March - Miss Jackson
Thu 12th April - Frankie & Swiss
Thu 10th May - Miss Jackson
Thu 14th June - Frankie & Swiss
Thu 12th July - Miss Jackson
Thu 9th August - Frankie & Swiss
Thu 13th September - Miss Jackson
Thu 11th October - Frankie & Swiss
Thu 8th November - Miss Jackson
Thu 13th December - Frankie & Swiss

We will continue with a mixture of topic and BYO nights, and of course BYO is always welcome!
If you're a newbie and would like to get an idea of what we did last year have a look here
If you've got a particular yearning to do a particular topic, new or a repeat, please let us know in the comments below!

We'll post the meetings here on the blog roughly a week before. All you need to do to come along is RSVP by adding a comment to the blog post when it goes up for each meet!

Please feel free to contact me via email or twitter, or Michelle via email or twitter if you have any questions.

Really looking forward to seeing you all in March!


Unknown said...

Yay! I miss my Brown Owls... can't wait to see everyone in March

kittybaroque said...

ÜBER excited, can't wait to see U wonderful peeps XX Yiiiipppppppppppppeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Katrina Higham said...

Will be there for sure!