Friday, February 17, 2012

Brown Owls Melbourne 3000, a few dates for you


Just thought I'd let you know a few dates ~ of the next few Melb 3000 meets, so you can pop them in your diary and be sure to be able to come along, cos it will be super lovely to see you.

Tuesday 6th March
Tuesday 29th May
Tuesday 26th June
Tuesday 24th July

No gathering in April as Madame Brussels are super full, due to hosting some of the Comedy Festival.

Gatherings are held in the fabulous Parlour Room (its great!) at Madame Brussels, Level 3, 59 Bourke Street, Melbourne 3000.

We meet from 6.30 - 9pm.

There is no attendance fee, though you might like to buy a beverage or a delicious foody treat from Madame Brussels, as way of thank you for them allowing us to use their super Parlour Room, which is reserved just for us.

It is an open group, open to all Brown Owls (new and existing) and their friends. I post about each gathering a week or so before its happening and ask that you RSVP to that post to indicate your attendance.

Its mostly a free for all BYO kinda thing. We dont organise tutorials, but I'm happy to help co-ordinate a session if you'd like to run one ~ let me know! Sometimes we have themes - like 'Raspberry Ripple', 'Slipper Night', 'Movember in December'.

It's a very easy, relaxed gathering and super friendly. People come and go, its lovely to see familiar faces and we particularly like seeing newbies, so dont be shy, come along!

Look forward to seeing you soon


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Shannon said...

All dates in my diary and locked in (except I can't make March - but all the others)!!
Thanks Sue!!