Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Southside Owls - Thursday 12th April - Embroidery at Frankie & Swiss!

Hello ladies!!

April will be our first ever meet at Frankie and Swiss! It's such an great space. If you haven't been there before then you are in for a treat!

Date: Thursday 12th April
Time: 7:30pm onwards

Studio 8, 199 Toorak Road, South Yarra
Turn left into Claremont and turn right at the first drive way
Parking is available under the building, we'll be there to buzz you in
Also the South Yarra train station is really close by



Michelle is going to print up a cute pattern for us all to embroider using her amazing digital printer "Florence".
Here is a list of the stuff you will need to bring along:
~ Embroidery hoop
~ Embroidery floss
~ Embroidery needle
~ Scissors
It's all pretty cheap, and Spotty in South Melbourne has a good range of embroidery floss.
We'll bring along some spare stuff too just in case.
Pip has a great tutorial on the basics, and there is lots and lots of inspiration on the internet.

Of course, BYO projects are always welcome, please do come along even if embroidery is not your cup of tea.

Sweeties: We will have tea and baked goodies, please feel free to bring something along if you would like to show off your baking skills!

RSVP: Add a comment to let us know you are coming along!

Feel free to email me or tweet me with any questions.

Can't wait to see everyone! Looking forward to it.


Kate S - F is for fabric said...

Looking forward to it xx

anhaga sae / lisa said...

Not sure if I should start ANOTHER project...but I'll be there! :)

Andi said...

I'm hoping to be there too!!

Jen Henderson said...

Looking forward to it. Will do my best to bake a tasty treat! xx

Michelle said...

I'll be there too:)

Cindy said...


Yarn Wrap said...

I have plenty to finish. Looking forward to coming.

Catherine said...

I've never been before, but can I come too?

Narelle said...

I'll be there! Now what to bake...

eleanorvee said...

Hello, you tweeted to me but I don't know how to DM on twitter (social media fail!)..anyway it looks like brown owls could be up my alley. Can't make it on Thurs but please keep me in the loop or send me info! eleanorvoterakis{at} Thank you!

Lauren Bertonu said...

I'll be there!! :-D

Yvette said...

Hi, I haven't been before, but would love to come along for some crafty goodness!