Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Incredible Shrinking Owls (Hobart Brown Owls)

Hobart Brown Owls met again on Saturday in our lovely little clubhouse.  Not sure if it's the busy pace of life (down here in bustling Tassie) or the change in the weather and the seasons, but our numbers are dwindling a bit.  Having said that, it's always lovely to catch up with whoever and get in amongst a bit of crafty action.

Hilary scored a win against the pile of UFOs out there - finishing a very cute christmas tree embroidery; Liz made some super funky skill garland things for a day of the dead type pagan celebration - whilst answering myriad questions on owning various farm animals.

Isabelle tried on her nearly completed cardigan (though I wasn't fast enough to picture her actually wearing it) and seemed happy with the work so far.

Maybe the cat scared away the owls...

Issy "helped" by keeping the cat busy and making various cubby houses for it from chairs...Tea was drunk, a plan was made for next time and I allowed myself to cast on a new project despite UFO mountain

Caught in the act of not finishing something off

Next time we are going to try our hand at making a few of these owls (seemed appropriate):


There is no plan for the finished owls, but the sight of this little guy was enough for those of us who were there to sign up!  Who's in?


Lauren Bertoni said...

Hey I just had an idea - if you tell the Tassie Stitchers on Ravelry about your meetings they can add it to their directory on their group pages. Here is the link: http://www.ravelry.com/groups/tassie-stitchers you might get some new regulars this way :-)

Rie said...

Where do you guys meet up in Hobart? How do I go about finding more info on the lovely Hobart Brown Owls????