Monday, May 28, 2012

Southside Owls ~ venue switcheroo

Hi ladies

We've had to do a little switcheroo of venues for some of the upcoming meets (due to lovely reasons like overseas holidays and babies!)

All the dates and everything else will remain the same.  Here's the update:

Thu 14th June - Miss Jackson
Thu 12th July - Frankie & Swiss
Thu 9th August - Miss Jackson
Thu 13th September - Frankie & Swiss, depending on the arrival of Michelle's baby!
Thu 11th October - Miss Jackson
Thu 8th November - possibly Frankie and Swiss, stay tuned
Thu 13th December - Miss Jackson

Hope you are all keeping warm and cosy and are getting in lots of couch craft time!
See you all in June!!


1 comment:

Suzie from said...

am going to get my wool and crochet hook out and try and get to this one now that uni is over!! hope to see you there x