Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hobart Brown Owls - June Meeting

Hobart Brown Owls had a slightly more owl-ful meeting for June, thanks to some new owls and some old.

There was lots of yarn work:

Jaci is knitting three scarves (one for each of her two year old triplets..!) and left-handed Lis is learning to crochet:

A blur of crocheting :)
I finished a crochet owl (but forgot the pipe cleaners to make his feet) and continued with the final sleeve of Marcus' jumper, which I started a while back at a different Brown Owls meeting:

Hilary and Liz made felt owls:

Hilary adding the eyes to an owl
Liz sewing an owl body
And Virginia amazed us with her commitment; reaching hexagon 102 of about 750 in a hand sewn quilt for her little boy:
Basting the fabric around the freezer paper
Some of the many finishing hexagons
We ended up with 1 finished (and gorgeous) and two nearly finished owls; and are looking forward to more next time - or maybe a different theme? 

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