Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Brunswick Brown Owls - Winter Hoot Hoot

Tonight's the night, it's gonna be alright!

It's Wednesday, 4 JULY ALREADY and that means it time to hoot-a-long with the Brunswick Brown Owls at 7pm tonight at the Sporting Club in Weston Street. 

Need some knitting tips? A hand with your crochet? Ideas for your embroidery? Design suggestions for your crafty cards? Come on down!

I am in a group exhibition opening on this Saturday and unfortunately I'll be catching up on work for that so I won't make it tonight, but GOLLY GOSH I hope I see you on 18th July... It's been too long and my craft is suffering...

Join the Brunswick Brown Owls on Facebook if you want to get some hot tips by our wonderful crafty women! It's also a marvellous idea to get the Brown Owl updates sent to you via email, and then you get crafty updates in your inbox! Snazzy!

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