Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wool for Women update - from Melbourne 3000 Owl, Stacey

Hi, Sue here from Melb 3000 owls, Stacey has asked that I forward this wonderful update to you all - she'll be there at our gathering tonight - look forward to seeing you then! Sue x

Wool for Women Update

Thanks to the support of the Melbourne community, especially those at Brown Owls 3000, Aware’s Wool for Women project in Cambodia was a huge success!

June’s workshops in Kampot were amazing. The women picked up the skills really well were overwhelmed by the amount of beautiful wool we were able to bring over with us.

Hanna Guy, the director of Dorsu (the social enterprise we partnered with) wished me to share the following comments with you all.

Aware's time at Dorsu was a wonderful success and we are greatlyappreciative. The approach towards the program, encouraging creativity and self-expression while learning, really allowed the team to enjoy theAware workshops. The new products are selling well and our staff arealready excited to continue working with Aware next time.

Please extend our thanks to the donors of wool and supplies, as these are unavailable in Cambodia and we could not be introducing crochet products into our range without their support. Thank you

Our continued support to Dorsu includes periodic wool drives, we are currently collecting wool to be sent over in late August, especially 12 ply. If you can help at all, please contact stacey.aware@gmail.com.

On the back of the project we are also holding crochet classes, as a fun way to fundraise for Aware projects, lesson fees will be a small donation to Aware. Classes will be held in Northcote, starting in August, and I’d be happy to share the poster with you guys if you have friends interested in learning.

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