Thursday, November 29, 2012

Brown Owls Melbourne 3000 - some LASTS


I have some 'lasts' to let you know about:

1. Us Brown Owls Melbourne 3000 CBD'ers had our LAST gathering of the year on tuesday - we had a super pom-pom-tastic time, see below for some nice pics

2. This pom-pom-tastic gathering was my LAST gathering as Brown Owls Melbourne 3000 Convenor - its time for me to hang up my Brown Owls hat, at least from an organising point of view. Brown Owls is still very close to my heart and I shall look forward to continuing to attend the city and other groups. Hence....... I'm hoping that one of you would like to put your hand up for me to hand the Melbourne CBD group reins over to. Who would like to volunteer? I'm happy to hand over contacts for Madame Brussels and give you the low down on what to do etc, though I'm sure a new person will bring new ideas and I'm all for that. Please contact me (leave a comment here, or Facebook / email me - find details in the column on the right) if you are interested. The city group is a lovely group and its been a pleasure to be part of it and see such lovely peeps.

Check out these Pom-pom-tastic pics:

Brenda was a dab hand with the sharp scissors and produced this beaut bronze pom pom

its me! the pom with the pom pom - most of the silver from this pom pom came off on my hand - i looked a little like the tin man from the wizard of oz

Sally - proper posing with her pom

Alex had the best selection of tissue paper - in super patterns and colours and everything, she's right arty

Bec managed to make her pom pom single handed, she just didn't want to be separated from that mojito!

As ever, Kimmy excelled - she's very very clever you know - check out that little cheery red beaut of a pom pom.

Ahh, original brown owl friend Shannon - so glad to have met you at that first one Shan

Super teacher Donna - she did us proud and was a super good teach.

We did a spot of pom-pom bombing and left some little pom pom gifts for Madame Brussels 
- thanks to Bec for being safety monitor and ensuring i didn't fall off the chair!

It's been great you Brown Owls 3000 CBD'ers - thanks for all the fun times. I very very much hope that someone puts their hands up to continuing this group, so I can still come and visit.

Hope to see you soon

Wishing you all crafty good health

Over and out

Sue x

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Shannon said...

Thanks you so much Sue for running the CBD Owls, I've had a blast and it's been awesome Brown Owling with you again. I do hope someone takes over the group and keeps it going, and I really hope to see you at some Owly meets and otherwise too. So glad we sat next to each other to make little felt brooches all those years ago xxx